Fallon Theater

The Fallon Theater in Fallon, Nevada, is a Great Place to Catch an Indie Film

The Fallon Theater is a mom and pop movie house that shows first-run films in simple surroundings. It’s the ideal place to watch an independent film and relax after a long day. The charming theater is located in downtown Fallon in a historic building. It has one screen and a simple, intimate atmosphere.

Since its construction in the late 19th-century, the Fallon Theatre has hosted over 150 productions. This historic landmark is operated by Fallon Community Theatre, Inc., a volunteer-run organization that welcomes the community’s support. The Fallon Theater was recently renovated with new projection systems and intelligent lighting.

The original name of the Fallon Theatre was New Rex Theatre. It opened December 28, 1920. It was renamed the Fallon Theater on September 1, 1930. It was later modernized and twinned in 1978 with a new theater at the same site. It has been an important cultural landmark in downtown Fallon, and a thriving entertainment hub for the community.

The Fallon Theater is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is still a prominent fixture in the community. It was designed by renowned architect Frederic J. DeLongchamps and originally seated 1,150 people in one auditorium. The theater was constructed in Fallon, Nevada by J.W., a local entrepreneur. Flood.

Sierra Repertory Theatre’s home is Fallon House Theater, which produces many memorable shows. The Fallon House Theater is available for performances two hours prior to them and closes during intermission. The theater is also open for dinner and drinks. However, be sure to arrive early. The theater is often packed.

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