Father I Don’t Want This Marriage

Daddy I Don’t Want to Marry

Hong Heesu, a Korean bestseller, presents the heartwarming medieval fantasy romance “Daddy I Don’t Want To Marry.” Hong Heesu created a captivating story with a magical medieval setting as the backdrop.

Recently, a bride-to-be saw a video in which she was seen tossing her bouquet and giving the flowers to her bridesmaid. Then, she turned around and got engaged. The bride-to-be thought the video was cute, and the comments section was full of support for her.

The plot revolves around a princess who wants to use her father’s wealth to live a luxurious life. However, her father has a new suitor in mind and she worries about being married to an unpredictable prince. She devised a complex dating contract to avoid this. Her father’s disciple is her best candidate.

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