Father I Dontwant This Marriage

Daddy I Don’t Want This Marriage

Daddy I Don’t Want to Marry is a charming medieval fantasy romance written by bestselling Korean author Hong Heesu. This beautiful and heartwarming novel follows the life of a young girl as she falls in love with a knight in shining armor. It is filled with magic and fantasy and will make you want more.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming medieval fantasy romance, look no further than the latest novel by Hong Heesu. Her latest novel, Daddy I Don’t Want This Marriage is sure to win your heart. It will have you giggling from beginning to end, and you’ll find yourself wishing to read more of her work.

Jubelian, the wealthy daughter of a nobleman, wants to live in luxury and enjoy her father’s wealth. However, her father is looking for another suitor for her. Jubelian is afraid of marrying a prince who could be unpredictable and unstable. To escape the dread of being married off to a prince, she devises a dating contract. The perfect candidate happens to be her father’s disciple.

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