Fernando Allende Net Worth

Fernando Allende Net Worth is a multi-talented artist. His talents span singing, film acting and producing as well as painting; his works have been displayed at over 70 art shows worldwide.

Jenny works in commercial real estate; together they have two children while balancing careers while working to rebuild relationships with Elan’s parents.

Early Life and Education

Fernando Allende became a teenage idol throughout Latin America through his performances on Spanish-language Soap Operas and Photo Soap Operas (magazine soap operas widely produced during the 1970s in many Latin American countries). His matinee idol looks helped make him an overnight success story.

Allende strives to bring about ethnic harmony in multiracial societies through his acting and singing career, and to familiarize non-Latinos with Hispanic culture, mores, and values.

Elan and Adan Allende’s sons, Elan and Adan are also active in the entertainment business, respectively specializing in music production (Adan) and commercial real estate development respectively. Both appear regularly on Bravo’s reality series Mexican Dynasties which follows three family dynasties as they challenge stereotypes and raise eyebrows.

Professional Career

Fernando Allende was born November 10, 1952 and is an actor, singer and painter. Known for his smooth voice, Fernando is also an accomplished painter and film producer.

As well as appearing in several movies such as 2006 sci-fi movie Slayer, Allende also appears in TV show Caribbean Patrol. Born to Mari Allende of singer Mari Allende fame, Allende is married with two children: Elan and Adan.

He and his family appear on the reality show “Mexican Dynasties,” with him as its highest paid star, making approximately $2 Million annually. It follows three affluent Mexican families living in Aspen. Additionally, he owns his own real estate company as well as having an active business career that includes owning real estate investments as well as hosting an popular podcast that boasts over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Achievement and Honors

After nearly two years of relentless knocking and costly acting, speech, and yoga lessons that depleted his savings account, Allende finally received an opportunity to enter Hollywood for his role in Sci-Fi channel original film Slayer alongside Lynda Carter.

After acting in 32 movies and TV shows including Miami Vice, Flamingo Road and The Hitchhiker; as well as co-starring opposite Oscar-winner Joanne Woodward on Streets of Los Angeles – his career quickly blossomed.

Allende currently stars in Bravo’s hit show MEXICAN DYNASTIES which airs internationally and in the USA. Watch how her family dynamics play out every Tuesday at 10 pm ET! For more information visit their official website here.

Personal Life

Fernando Allende is married to Mari and has two sons named Adan and Elan. He first began appearing on Mexican soap operas during the late 60s before moving to Los Angeles, California by early ’80s.

Soon after landing a role on a popular television series, he became one of the most sought-after Latin heartthrobs at that time. Additionally, he made numerous telenovela appearances and produced many best-selling records during this period.

Allende is an avid traveler and supporter of the arts, spending his vacations visiting European spots such as Venice and Mykonos in Greece. Allende has made it his mission to educate non-Latinos on the culture, mores, and values associated with Spanish-speaking people living within multiracial societies – something close to his heart.

Net Worth

Fernando Allende is a multi-talented singer, actor, painter and film producer who has become well-known on both film and television over his three-decade-long career.

His daughter, Doris, returns to Mexico City to assist Raquel Bessudo – an influential fashion critic and mother – pick up the pieces after her father’s passing. Soon thereafter she reunites with Elan who wishes to pursue musical talent through La Voz show.

He has appeared in various films and TV shows, such as Toby Goes to Camp, Caribbean Patrol and Lynda Carter’s sci-fi channel original film Slayer (2006). Additionally he has featured in music videos and commercials. Furthermore he maintains an impressive presence online through social media; particularly Instagram where he boasts over 100,000 followers.

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