Final Jeopardy Question Last Night

Jeopardy’s Final Jeopardy Question

Last night on Jeopardy, one contestant made a big mistake. The answer he chose was incorrect. In the category of musical artists, he picked Diana Ross instead of Tony Bennett, a person 20 years younger than him. He was ultimately a loser. The contestants apologized on Twitter and Diana Ross has since apologized, too.

One contestant didn’t know the answer and was eliminated from the final round. Smith, a Milwaukee native and avid Bucks fan, had one bright spot. He once worked as a ball boy for Giannis, and now lives in San Francisco, where he is completing his PhD program. During the game, Smith remarked that the final Jeopardy question he received was unlucky for him. He was not able to finish the game, but he didn’t lose his nerves and wished Giannis had won it.

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