Final Jeopardy Question Tonight

Jeopardy’s Final Jeopardy Question Tonight

Tonight’s final jeopardy was a little bit mysterious. The final jeopardy question did not have a clue. However, the answer was very easy. The answer was a dragon. Dragons are not amphibians, but they do have four legs, two ears, a tail, and horns. They look similar to deer.

This week, the episode of Jeopardy will focus on the Royal Family. The topic is rather narrow, but it does feature some popular interest in royalty in recent times. This is a tricky question that requires trivia knowledge. For this reason, if you want to extend your streak, you may want to take the risk.

Jeopardy’s format have also changed over the years. It is now presented on the screen by the host’s podium, so viewers can see the question as they answer it. In the past, the answer was on a video that was displayed on the TV screen. This has become a major change for the show.

Only one contestant was able to answer the final Jeopardy question correctly, and he had the wrong answer. This was a big disappointment for Smith, who is from Milwaukee and a huge Bucks fan. Smith even briefly served as a Giannis ball boy before being eliminated from that game. He also lives in San Francisco where he is currently pursuing his PhD.

In her 40-game winning streak, Amy Schneider became the second-all-time Jeopardy winner, but her winning streak ended this week. Rhone Talsma, a librarian in Chicago, beat her in the final round and took the title. She earned $1,382,800 in total.

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