Finale Chicago Fire

What Happened in the Chicago Fire Season 10 Finale?

Chicago Fire’s finale sees our favorite characters put the past behind them, and move on. After all, the show is about firefighting. But is there more to the final than just a reunion of old friends? Let’s take a look at some of the characters’ most memorable moments.

The Chicago Fire season 10 finale is a jam-packed episode filled with action, drama, and a wedding. Sylvie Brett made a successful return but took a leave to be Stella Kidd’s maid of honour. Kelly Severide, now a mother, finally got married. Emma Jacobs was planning to blackmail Evan Hawkins.

We also learned about the deaths and lives of beloved characters. Six episodes into the season, we learned that Father Anthony had died. However, we were also given the news that Lieutenant Kelly Severide had been involved in a massive arson case, and came face-to-face with the arsonist. Now, she’ll have to choose between pursuing the arsonist and saving his life.

The Chicago Fire season 10 finale is the final episode of the long-running NBC series. This season, the 10th, premiered in September 2021, and wrapped up in May 2019. There have been many memorable episodes on the show, some of which will be difficult to forget. In addition to Jesse Spencer, the cast also includes actor Jesse Spencer.

Chicago Fire’s season 11 finale featured a stalker outside the cabin. NBC has not shied away from the fact that the couples are back to work after their honeymoon. The series will return for season 11 in fall 2022. The season finale was packed with action and mystery! So, if you missed the last season, you can still catch up by watching the new season.

Despite the fact that the Chicago Fire season 10 finale will be the last, fans can look forward to many exciting moments and surprising moments. The nuptial of Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd will be a major milestone in the series, and the return of Matthew Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, will definitely make the season finale a memorable one. Additionally, there will be a surprise guest star. Many fans have shared their theories about what might happen during the finale.

The finale of Chicago Fire is packed with emotional moments. A few memorable events include the death of an elderly victim, the death of an elderly firefighter, and the death of a young woman. The season’s end marks the beginning of a Severide season. NBC Insider is an all-access pass for your favorite NBC shows. You can also see behind-the scenes footage of your favorite episodes.

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