Flavio Briatore Net Worth

Flavio Briatore Net Worth

Flavio Briatore is an Italian fashion designer and has a net worth of $70 million. Briatore is married to Elisabetta Gregoraci and has a son with her. Briatore’s relationship history is somewhat complicated. He was engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell in 1998 and dated Heidi Klum for a year. In 2008, he married Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Briatore earned his net worth from managing two Formula One teams. He also served as a co-owner of Queens Park Rangers F.C. from 2007 to 2010. During this time, Flavio Briatore was involved in race fixing at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix and was banned from participating in all FIA-sanctioned events for a year. However, the ban was overturned by a French tribunal.

Born in Verzuolo, Italy, Briatore grew up in a family with a good income. However, he struggled with school and had to transfer to a private school. Later, he attended Fassino di Busca high school and obtained a land surveying diploma. Later, he worked as a ski instructor and a restaurant manager. He later opened his own restaurant, Tribula. However, the restaurant was a failure.

Flavio Briatore was born on the 12th of April 1950 and is 186 cm tall. He weighs 110 kg. However, his weight fluctuates. His net worth is estimated to be $154500000. As a fashion designer, he also has a family. He was once involved in a romantic relationship with supermodel Heidi Klum. In 2008, he married Elisabetta Gregoraci. The couple had a daughter together, Helene.

Before becoming famous, Flavio Briatore worked as a ski instructor. He later moved into line business and expanded his income. The wealth from these business ventures helped Flavio Briatore live a luxurious lifestyle. Despite being a hard worker, he continues to make a lot of money and is well known as an Entrepreneur.

Flavio Briatore is married and has an estimated net worth of $450 million. He is also known for his many affairs. However, he has yet to reveal his exact net worth to the public. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to know how rich Flavio Briatore is, it’s a good idea to check his personal life. The table below lists his various sources of income, salary, assets, and other details that you may find interesting.

Throughout his career, Flavio Briatore has enjoyed many successful business ventures. He became an insurance salesman, a restaurant owner, and even managed the Benetton F1 team. In the early 1970s, he met Luciano Benetton, who eventually became his partner in business. In 1979, Benetton appointed Briatore as the head of its US stores. The Benetton chain saw an increase in popularity, and Briatore took a portion of each franchise deal. Eventually, the number of Benetton stores fell to 200 in the United States.

Flavio Briatore is an Italian businessman. He was born in Verzuolo on April 12, 1950. His career has included running the Benetton Formula One team and working with the Italian football team as their manager. He also owned the Queens Park Rangers soccer team. He was a part owner of the team in 2005 and 2006. His net worth is estimated to be at about $70 million.

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