Flights From Tulsa To New Orleans

How to Find Cheap Flights From Tulsa to New Orleans

One of the fastest ways to get to New Orleans from Tulsa is to take a flight. The trip takes about four hours, depending on the weather and flight conditions. Ticket prices average around 650 USD, though last-minute deals can be found for around 230 USD. It takes about 12 hours to travel the 691 miles between Tulsa and New Orleans, and the approximate fuel cost is about 84 USD.

If you’re looking to save money on your flight, consider booking your ticket as far in advance as possible. Traveling 1-2 weeks in advance can save you up to $385. In contrast, booking your ticket within 24 hours can cost you a staggering $431. You can get a great deal on your flight by using a flight comparison site like Rehlat. You’ll also find the best deals by booking your tickets together with hotel accommodation.

If you’re looking for flights from Tulsa, OK to New Orleans, you can find some great deals through Allegiant Air. Alternatively, you can compare airline prices at eDreams US. The company compares thousands of flight combinations to show you the most cost-effective options. eDreams also allows you to filter flights by price, airport, duration, and other factors.

You can use a flight time calculator to find the average flight time between two points. By entering the two cities’ coordinates, you can get a quick estimate of the travel time it will take to get there. This tool is designed for all types of travel, including airline routes.

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