Florian Homm Net Worth

Florian Homm has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 and $3 Million dollars through his work as a Businessman.

Homm was an adept stock market speculator who amassed an enormous fortune. His hedge fund Absolute Capital Management (ACM) attained a valuation of around three billion US dollars before collapsing in 2007. After its collapse, Homm vanished.

Early Life and Education

Florian Homm was born October 7th 1959 in Oberursel near Frankfurt to an entrepreneur father who owned both construction businesses and plumbing stores. Homm attended Bentley High School Livonia Michigan before attending Harvard Business School graduating in 1982 with a Bachelors of Commerce honors degree.

After graduating, he started work for Merrill Lynch and later Fidelity Investments; additionally he held positions with Julius Bar, an exclusive Swiss private bank.

Homm was widely known for being an unrepentant bad boy of German money markets. A major German entrepreneur whom Homm clashed with called him the “Antichrist of the Financial World”, while Homm revelled in his notoriety by making insane profits for seven to eight years despite widespread allegations against him of criminality. Additionally, his autobiography Rogue Financier acknowledged many moral failures while attesting against any accusations of crime or illegality.

Professional Career

Florian Homm was born October 7, 1959 in Oberursel, Germany and is the great-nephew of Josef Neckermann who played an influential role during Germany’s “Wirtschaftswunder.” Homm attended Bentley High School in Livonia Michigan for his bachelor’s degree before going on to Harvard Business School for an MBA degree.

He found employment with both Merrill Lynch and Fidelity Investments before co-founding Absolute Capital Management Holdings with Kevin Devine – which managed over three billion euros of funds at that time.

In 2007, he made headlines due to his short position in Bremer Vulkan shipbuilding company – shares declined and thousands of workers lost jobs as a result of this.

Homm was charged by US prosecutors with engaging in a massive stock scam that cost investors $200 million. But in an astonishing turn of events, Homm managed to escape prosecution by fleeing to Italy which does not extradite its citizens.

Achievement and Honors

Florian Homm has enjoyed tremendous success throughout his career, receiving multiple awards in different areas and making significant contributions to society as a whole. Additionally, he has written multiple books.

Following his tenure with Fidelity, he went on to work for Julius Bar and US wealth manager Tweedy Browne before founding Value Management & Research AG in Frankfurt in 1993 – ultimately earning three billion euros worth of customer assets at its peak.

Homm’s success earned him recognition from Alternative Investment News magazine as Hedge Fund Leader of the Year, keynote speaking engagements on global markets conferences, as well as owning properties and shares in companies around the globe.

Personal Life

Florian Homm resides in Germany and reportedly makes his living through various business ventures, running an extremely popular YouTube channel and appearing in an Amazon Studios documentary film as the main protagonist. Additionally, Homm is the author of several books on wealth management and is regularly invited as a guest on radio shows.

Homm and Susan Devine allegedly concealed tens of millions in assets by moving money between various bank accounts globally and purchasing ACM shares, in addition to using an unapproved divorce to shield these assets from public scrutiny.

Florian Homm, known for smoking fat cigars and speaking quickly on German money markets, was an exuberant figure who once stood 6ft 7in tall. Now devout Catholic preaching about keeping focus on what’s truly important.

Net Worth

Florian Homm was born in Oberursel, Germany on 7 October 1959. As an acclaimed businessperson he established Absolute Capital Management Holdings and co-owned Hunter World Markets stockbroker-dealer in Beverly Hills; at his peak his Cayman Islands-incorporated hedge fund firm managed more than three billion euros.

Homm’s fortune collapsed in 2007 when his ACM hedge fund ran into difficulty, leading investors to lose millions and ultimately being charged with investment fraud in the US and then disappearing into hiding.

Now residing in Germany – which does not extradite its citizens – he has become a highly visible YouTube personality and author of Kopf Geld Jagd (“Head Money Hunt”). Additionally, he serves as an occasional columnist for RT Deutsch.

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