Flower Scouts Camp Camp

Daisies Camp Camp

The Flower Scouts is a group of young women that participates in traditional feminine activities. Their leader is Miss Priss, who shares a voice actress with Tabii. Scout’s Dishonor is the first film to feature the Flower Scouts.

The Flower Scouts is an all-female scouting group. Their activities are primarily arts & crafts. The members of this organization are dressed in pink flannel skirts and pink shirts with badges on. They speak with heavy valley girl accents.

Neil and Nikki were also among the Flower Scouts, but they weren’t exactly welcomed by everyone else. The Flower Scouts were more accepting of Nikki, who acted crude and tomboyish. This created a conflict between personalities. While some of the Flower Scouts got along with Neil, they were not fond of Nikki.

The girls in the Daisies camp are those who will enter the next grade level in fall. The camp offers a variety of activities for the girls, including traditional camp activities. They will be able to choose from the activities in the catalog, as well as the ones listed in the schedule. Occasionally, the activities will be modified according to weather conditions or girl preferences.

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