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Floyd Mayweather’s Child’s Mother Files a Lawsuit

If you’re a fan of boxing, you may already know about the controversial career of Floyd Mayweather Jr. He’s one of the most successful boxers of all time, having earned over $1 billion in his professional career. But his personal life hasn’t been so lucky. As a result of his many domestic violence charges, he’s spent two months in prison, and now he’s going to face another legal battle.

One of his child’s mother has filed charges against him. According to reports, Josie Harris has accused him of assaulting her six times in the past. She also claims that she was the victim of a false battery report that led to his conviction.

Jackson has a different story, though. Before her current relationship with Mayweather, she dated him for several years. The pair first got engaged in Sept. 2010, and they broke up the following year. In the intervening period, she has been dating rapper Nelly.

However, the relationship has gone sour. It appears that a man other than Josie is now dating her, and it’s believed that he was the one who stole some of her belongings. That’s why she’s filing a lawsuit against him.

She believes that Laidler, the friend of Mayweather who’s been accused of theft, has information about the boxer. Consequently, she wants to grill him about the matter. And she wants to find out if he gave her any of his property.

Jackson is arguing that she had a chance to turn over all of her belongings to Laidler. However, it only took months for her to realize that he had stolen her items. This is allegedly because she had been recording phone conversations for the purpose of proving that he tried to extort her.

Moreover, Jackson claims that the money that Mayweather had wired to her was taken. She said that Mayweather had a “friend” named Marc Laidler who had access to her credit cards and other financial records.

Jackson wants to grill Laidler about what happened to her belongings, and is hoping to find out if he is the perpetrator of the fraud. The family of one of his children has also voiced their concerns. They say that he’s planning to have a baby with her.

Jackson’s case against Mayweather is a tough one to win. In addition to being a victim of a false battery, she’s also been a victim of theft. Her possessions include her cell phone, credit card and a number of her bags.

Ultimately, her legal battle against the boxer is set to go to trial. While the verdict is unknown, it’s expected that she’ll be awarded at least some of her damages.

If you’re a fan of boxing, then you probably know that Mayweather is known for having a very colorful personal life. From trash talking outside the ring, to being in and out of jail, to beefing with 50 Cent, the boxer has been getting into a lot of trouble.

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