Francis Jonathan Beesley

Francis Jonathan Beesley

Francis Jonathan Beesley was an actor who starred in several TV shows and feature films, and died in a tragic car accident. His death was caused by carbon monoxide toxicity. Although his GP stated that he was healthy, the coroner’s inquiry found that he had intentionally driven his car into a garage.

Jensen discovered Beesley’s lifeless body after a jolt of carbon monoxide. Beesley died on the spot despite all efforts of emergency services. His cause of death was not immediately clear, but it was suspected that he had died of carbon monoxide toxicity. He was found in his car, parked in their garage. Jensen is in mourning and has asked for privacy.

Ashley Jensen and Terence Beesley welcomed their first child on Oct. 20. The couple had previously eloped and had announced the pregnancy in July. Jensen and Beesley will now return to their show, Accidentally on Purpose. Frankie Jack is the son of the couple.

Beesley met Ashley Jensen in 1999. They married in the year 2007, and their son Francis Jonathan Beesley was born in 2007. The couple lived in Somerset, LA, and London. Beesley played many roles on television and in film. He also starred in a television adaptation of War & Peace.

Terence Beesley was the husband of Extras actress Ashley Jensen for ten years. The couple had an eight-year-old son together, Francis. They had met in 1999, and they were engaged the following year. Their relationship was strained, but they were able to raise Francis.

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