Francisco Lindor Hair

Francisco Lindor Changes His Hair Color

Francisco Lindor is well-known for dying his hair blue before spring camp. He has been seen with blue locks at spring training and has posted videos about teammates forcing him to get a haircut. It isn’t the first time he has experimented with blue hair. He also has dyed his hair purple in the past.

Lindor was worried about his hair turning grey during the offseason. He spoke about his injury, and how he decided to change his hairstyle. The color of his hair is darker than the previous ones, the shortstop revealed. His new hair color makes him look a lot like his father. It will take some time for fans to get used to his new style.

Last year, Lindor debuted a blue-gray-blue ‘do before spring training. He has since gone through several hairstyles, including a blonde Sisqo-inspired style. And once, Lindor even shaved his head completely after losing a bet. He will start his season on the road March 28, a three-game series against the Minnesota Twins.

Francisco Lindor has a distinctive blonde streak to his hair. He was a runner up for the Rookie Of The Year award during his rookie season. He has made two All-Star appearances and won a Gold Glove award. But Lindor isn’t the only one with a colorful hairstyle. It’s interesting that Lindor cut his hair once after losing a bet against a team from his hometown. He lost the bet, and travelled to Florida to get a haircut.

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