Frankie Jean Sixx

The Life of Frankie Jean Sixx

The life of Frankie-Jean Sixx is a complicated one. Frankie-Jean Sixx was just fifteen when she became pregnant. However, the child she gave birth shortly after her birth passed away. This tragedy has left her with no choice other than to be a single mom. She has suffered from mental illness and addiction throughout her life.

Frankie-Jean Sixx’s mother is singer Nikki Sixx, a renowned musician. She was born in the United States the second of January 2001. Her name means free-one, a gift from God. She has a height of five feet and a weight of 107 pounds.

Frankie-Jean Sixx has four half-siblings. Her father is Decker Nilsson Sixx. Nikki has a half-sibling, Brandi Brandt. Decker is her father and Nikki is her mother. Ruby, her sister, is a musician, and actress.

Frankie-Jean Sixx’s total assets are valued at $150 thousand. Her mother is worth $500 thousand, and her father is worth $45 million. Her net worth has not been the subject of any major controversy. But her mother’s net worth is impressive. How much does she make?

Frankie Jean Sixx is 18 years. She is currently dating ice hockey player Easter Easterson, who plays for the El Paso Rhinos. The couple has two children together. It’s unclear if the relationship will last. She is currently pursuing her college degree.

Frankie Jean Sixx’s parents still miss their son. They are trying to remember him in different ways. She is also a well-known make-up artist. Her work has been featured in websites such as Society 6. She is a well-known social media personality. Her Instagram account has more than six thousand followers. She often posts photos of animals and shares videos with her boyfriend. Her part-time job as an artist earns her approximately $150,000.

Frankie-Jean has a boyfriend, Easton. They have five pets together. Two dogs and three cats are a part of their family. She loves her animals and often takes them for runs and walks. She often sees them together in her home, which is a sign that they are part her family.

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