Frozen Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson in “Frozen”

Stanley Kubrick’s film “Frozen” received critical acclaim. The film was a huge box office success for Kubrick and earned him a place in horror movie history. Jack Nicholson plays the role of a man who is possessed with a supernatural power. It’s a story of loss, murder, and family secrets.

The movie’s climax, the chase through the hedge maze, is undoubtedly the most famous horror movie ending. Jack Nicholson chases Danny Lloyd across the hotel grounds in this famous scene. His face is frozen in an open-mouthed, upward stare. The movie is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, but there are some major differences between the book and film version. The movie altered the character dramatically, and some elements of the story were changed to fit Jack.

Jack is unable to find a way out of the hedge garden, and his death is brought on by a series of forces operating within the hotel. A harrowing sequence of events demonstrates just how unhinged Jack can be, and how his actions can affect others. The film also depicts the impact that supernatural forces have on an otherwise pristine hotel.

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