Fumi Franklin

Fumi Franklin – Wife of Penn State Football Coach James Franklin

James Franklin was both an American football player and coach. Throughout his career he won multiple college championships with various coaching teams such as Vanderbilt University and Penn State.

Fumi Franklin has been an incredible partner to James in his professional endeavors and helps him manage both work and family responsibilities more easily.

Early Life and Education

Fumi Franklin is married to James Franklin, head coach of Penn State Nittany Lions football. They met initially while James was coaching tight ends at Washington State University in 1998 while Fumi studied educational leadership as a graduate student. Years later when James transferred coaching duties at Maryland, they reunited as couples again and were married in 2005.

Fumi takes great pride in supporting her husband’s career, often greeting players as they pass her office in the Lasch Building. Additionally, she encourages his team to participate in community service projects as well as spending time with young patients at Hershey Medical Center. Together, the family consists of Shola and Addison; living together in Langhorne Pennsylvania.

Professional Career

James Franklin met his wife Fumi while coaching tight ends at Washington State University, while she studied for her master’s degree. Fumi quickly understood how demanding coaching football could be and became his steadfast support system even while their family was away from home.

She warmly greets players, coaches and others who visit the Lasch Building office of her husband’s business and listens attentively as they share their stories – making each feel like part of her extended family.

Their older daughter Shola loves football and dreams of one day playing in the NFL. While their youngest daughter Addy suffers from sickle cell anemia and requires treatment, their family supports organizations such as THON that focus on helping children with chronic illness.

Achievement and Honors

James Franklin has been an instrumental leader in Penn State football’s rise over time. His leadership skills have played a large role in their success; while his family provides both support and encouragement; with two daughters named Shola and Addy.

Fumi’s dedication to her family has made her an integral part of her husband’s career. She visits the Lasch Building often to greet players and staff as they pass her husband’s office, often engaging them in discussions about personal lives. Fumi and her husband are active participants in charitable causes: Raising funds for Franklin Family Educational Equity Scholarship; participating in Uplifting Athletes/THON events and donating to Penn State Hershey Medical Center among them.

Personal Life

Fumi Franklin is the loving spouse of James Franklin, an American football coach. They share two daughters together – Shola and Addy.

James first encountered Fumi when they met at Washington State University, where James was working as the tight ends coach while she pursued her master’s degree. They would reunite several years later when Franklin began coaching at Maryland.

Since then, the couple have made their mark at Penn State. Working to foster an atmosphere in which players feel like family members, Fumi considers seeing her team succeed to be worth all her sacrifices. Not only do they place emphasis on academics and volunteering – hosting community service events as well as visiting Monroe Carrell Jr Children’s Hospital are regular occurrences – they also encourage community service events to build team spirit!

Net Worth

As James Franklin’s career advanced, so did his love life. She was introduced to him while coaching at Maryland and they soon established a long-distance romance that resulted in them marrying each other and having two daughters; Shola and Addison.

Franklin has made quite an impactful mark in the sports industry and seen his net worth grow steadily over time. He is one of the highest-paid college football coaches in America and currently heads Penn State as head coach. Furthermore, Franklin is an ardent supporter of THON through generous yearly gifts; serving as an example for those who believe in hard work coupled with kindness while leading from within. Furthermore, Franklin serves as an incredible role model for his family, who remain loyal even during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

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