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The Fun Mom Dinner Score

The Fun Mom Dinner soundtrack is available for download from Amazon. The album contains an extended cameo from Rob Huebel, a song based on a flora and fauna trivia contest, and an homage to the 80s. There are even some audio samples. The album is a worthwhile splurge for those who can’t afford to shell out for the movie.

The Fun Mom Dinner is a modest 81 minute film that does not skimp on the filler. As you might expect, there’s plenty of schmoozing, but the plot is largely inconsequential. There are a few minor quibbles with the film’s writing, but the cast is more than enough to keep it from being a chore. The film also does a fine job of deconstructing the responsibilities of motherhood.

The Fun Mom Dinner may not be the most impressive movie of the year, but it’s still a pretty good ride. It’s a nice mix of humor, sex, and booze. There are several memorable moments, including the aforementioned flora and fauna trivia contest, but the film does its share of dulling down the proceedings. The movie has one of those infamous last acts, but the rest of it is on par with the standard fare from many other comedies.

The Fun Mom Dinner is the product of a talented team, led by producer and co-writer Alethea Jones, and features some of the better ensemble performances in recent memory. The cast includes a number of notable names, such as Molly Shannon, Adam Scott, Katie Aselton, and Toni Collette. There’s also an ensemble of more recognizable faces, like Rob Huebel and Bridget Everett. There are also a number of other lesser known actors, including Michael Seresi and David Wain. The movie does a better job of demonstrating the complexities of raising children than most other comedies, but there’s a decent amount of filler in the form of one-liners, sexy ladies, and karaoke. The movie is short on the aforementioned bling bling, but it’s not a bad way to pass a Saturday night. There’s a few other minor quibbles, but the Fun Mom Dinner is an entertaining film that’s a must-see for fans of old-fashioned family fun. The album is also an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. The soundtrack consists of eight songs, including two of the best in the aforementioned flora and foliage trivia contest.

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