Gabriella Montez Breaking Free Outfit

Breaking Free Outfit Revealed – Vanessa Hudgens Performs “Totally Sober” From the High School Musical Series

The High School Musical franchise has been a staple in pop culture for over 15 years now, and Vanessa Hudgens made her mark in the Disney Channel original movie series with her role as shy science and math wiz Gabriella Montez. This past weekend, the actress reminisced about her teen fame with a “totally sober” performance of the film’s hit song, “Breaking Free,” on Instagram.

The 30-year-old actress crooned the song during a karaoke night on Sunday, and in less than an hour, the video garnered more than half a million likes. It’s a great reminder of why the series was so popular in the first place, and a great chance for fans to revisit one of their favorite movies!

Breaking Free is a sultry ballad that Gabriella sings to Troy when she realizes they have to separate their lives for the sake of their dreams. She’s trying to figure out how she can be both a good person and a star in the music industry, and the lyrics speak of her needing time to figure that out on her own without the pressure of her ex.

Her voice is a little on the nasal side here, but she does a pretty good job of singing this tune. Moreover, this is another example of how her voice has become much more toned since the film’s release.

After being forced to sing karaoke at her family’s ski resort on New Year’s Eve, she and Troy bond over their love for singing. They become friends, and eventually date each other.

At East High, the two continue to make a connection. They both end up in a romantic relationship and even get involved in the school’s musical production.

It’s a major bummer when Troy’s basketball team and his friends try to pointly break them up after realizing they fall into different crowds, but it’s made all the better by how hard they work to keep it together. He’s still trying to find his place in the world, and it’s clear that he’s putting the well-being of those around him above his own.

He’s also seen putting his sister’s happiness above his own, and that’s definitely the most heartwarming thing about him. He’s the kind of person who would rather make someone happy than himself, and he’s willing to sacrifice everything to do it.

His actions are often misunderstood by the rest of the cast, especially Sharpay Evans and Taylor McKessie. He’s a friendly and outgoing young man who has a genuine love for his family and the people in his community, and he puts their well-being above his own.

Troy is the captain of the Wildcats, but he’s also the kind of guy who will go out of his way to help those around him, even if that means leaving his own comfort zone and breaking his own rules. It’s a quality that makes him a hero to his peers, and he’s always willing to give his best to the group as a whole.

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