Gail Eastwood Ritchey

Gail Eastwood-Ritchey Convicted of Aggravated Murder

Gail Eastwood-Ritchey is accused of leaving her biological child for dead and then disposing of the body. She doesn’t show any remorse for her actions, despite admitting she left the child for dead. She continues to visit the gravesite of the child, even though her neighbors paid for the funeral and the gravestone. She married the father of the child and they now have three grown children.

Her husband is not facing any charges. Investigators are trying to determine whether she was involved in killing the second baby, who was born in 1991. For the past three years she worked in a dance studio. Her director said that she was a friendly Christian lady. She has not hired an attorney and her next court date is Monday.

The jury found Gail Eastwood–Ritchey guilty on the murder charge, but not guilty on the second charge. The jury deliberated for five hours before reaching a verdict. She was released on bail but has not been sent to jail.

Ondrey struggled to understand Ritchey’s first sentence. However, she believed Ritchey’s explanation that she was afraid of telling her father. She also admitted that she had disposed off the body of another infant in 1990 and 1991. She said to the judge that she feared hearing her confession about the death of the first newborn would prejudice the jury.

Gail’s family life was not easy. Her sister Steven Bradley had sent her a picture of the two of them when she graduated high school. The picture shows Gail looking uncomfortably uncomfortable with herself. When she became pregnant, she didn’t know where to turn. She didn’t tell her parents, her church group, or her husband, Mark.

Gail Eastwood–Ritchey appeared in court for the first time on Monday. She was charged with aggravated murder and pleaded not guilty. She was granted $250,000 bail at 10% by the judge. She faces a life sentence in prison. She has three grown children.

She is appealing her conviction. However, she has a lawyer who claims that she is innocent. She is currently awaiting sentencing. She is not allowed to speak during her sentencing because of the planned appeal. Despite being present at the hearing, she will not testify before sentencing.

Although the murder of Gail remains a mystery the case highlights the importance of protecting children. The family and community of victims should be kept safe, and law enforcement officers must not be allowed to judge a woman by her worst choice. Many officers felt that Gail’s case was private.

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