Gal Gadot Flats Red Carpet

Gal Gadot Flats Red Carpet Appearances

Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress, is determined to make flats acceptable at formal events. During the Wonder Woman press tour, Wonder Woman’s star Gal Gadot has stuck to flats. She wore a Givenchy dress and a flat from Aldo with gold-studded details during the premiere. She has been seen wearing flats by other designers, including Asos, Christian Louboutin and Tod’s, in between red carpet appearances.

Gadot’s flats look far different from the stilettos that she wore to promote Wonder Woman. She has worn many flats, including fancy Christian Louboutins and sporty-looking sneakers to $50 Aldo flat sandals. Despite the fashion statement, Gadot has consistently stuck to her flat shoe style, saying that it was a long-time-in-the-making decision.

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