Gender Reveal Meme

Gender Reveal Meme

There are many memes available on social media for gender reveal parties. Some joke about the traditional party theme while others make fun of it. Others contextualize the whole thing with historical events or absurd scenarios. For example, a popular meme depicts the “community pizza fire” as a gender reveal.

Even the internet has created its own gender reveal memes based on recent events. There’s the story of a gender reveal party that caused a wildfire, and another of a dog celebrating her gender that didn’t know what she was doing was destroying the forest. Smokey, the Bear, who is well-known for his work in preventing forest fires and a gender reveal meme, is given the task of stopping people from having dangerous gender reveal parties.

In an Arizona gender reveal party, a smoke-generating pyrotechnic device started a massive fire. A separate incident saw a gender reveal party go wrong and resulted in the death of a 61 year-old grandmother from Iowa. Although the gender reveal party is a tradition, many critics view it as transphobic. Many have created gender reveal memes and called for their removal.

Gender reveal parties have become more dangerous over the years, causing many fires and injuries. The polarization in public opinion about gender reveal parties can be attributed to one of the pioneers of the trend, a woman named Karen. This feminist-inspired movement is an important one that should continue and evolve.

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