Gender Reveal Soccer Ball

Gender Reveal Soccer Ball

The Gender Reveal Soccer Ball is a gender reveal game that involves coloured powder. The ball is filled with either pink or blue powder, and when the ball lands, a puff of pink or blue smoke rises from its inside. The ball is fun to play with and can be a surprise for any child. The game kit includes a gender reveal soccer ball, coloured powder, and a soccer ball shell.

Gender reveal soccer balls can be used by both children and adults. They contain non-toxic powder. The powder is approved as food grade, making them a safe and fun option for gender reveal parties. The fun, colorful balls will make the day enjoyable for both parents and children! The gender reveal soccer ball is the perfect gift for a gender reveal party!

There are two options: pink or blue. Both kits include a gender reveal ball shell and powder and confetti. The kits come with a reusable soccer ball shell and a pink or blue gender reveal powder, as well as two packets of non-toxic colored powder. The kits include a gender reveal banner as well as X32 Gender Reveal stickers.

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