Gene George

Gene George Net Worth – Who is Gene George?

Gene George is an American businessman and chairman of George’s, Inc. He runs this fourth generation family-owned company with operations throughout Arkansas, Missouri and Virginia that employs over 4000 personnel while producing approximately 5 million broilers weekly.

After finishing his education, he joined the U.S. Navy and worked in various jobs. Together with his brother Luther, they transformed a small produce business established in 1920 into an expansive poultry corporation that serves both national and international markets.

Early Life and Education

Gene was born and raised in Wahoo, Nebraska where his high school science teacher encouraged him to pursue science. After graduation he continued his education at the College of Agriculture in Lincoln before earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska.

After serving a brief stint in the military, George returned to his family’s poultry industry business and was promoted to president and CEO of George’s Inc. – a third generation family enterprise operating throughout Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Virginia.

Gene was an active volunteer throughout his long career, serving on boards such as First National Bank of Springdale, Springdale Memorial Hospital and Hudson Foods. For his contributions to the community he was recognized with many honors including being named Man of the Year by Arkansas Poultry Federation in 1982.

Professional Career

Gene George’s professional career spanned 50 years. He was a renowned football player, coach and executive in the National Football League (NFL).

He had a distinguished law enforcement career, serving as South Dakota’s 17th U.S. Marshal during that time.

Throughout his career, he formed many friendships with people throughout South Dakota. These statewide bonds have strengthened his lifelong dedication to serving our state’s citizens.

He also founded a renowned Christmas charity that distributes thousands of dollars worth of food, clothing and toys annually to needy families. This event has become hugely successful over time, raising millions of dollars for children in our state each year.

Achievements and Honors

Gene George was an eminent scientist whose work had a lasting impact on science. As a leader in genetics, his discoveries have had far-reaching implications that have benefited millions around the world.

He was renowned for his research into cancer, where he helped develop treatments for many patients.

Gene George has achieved great success in his professional life, earning him numerous awards and honors. As a well-known public servant in South Dakota, he is widely respected by its citizens.

He was also an accomplished businessman, serving as president of George’s Inc., a company headquartered in Sioux Falls but with operations nationwide. Additionally, he held directorships at First National Bank of Springdale and Springdale Memorial Hospital.

Personal Life

Gene George is an accomplished businessman with over 50 years of experience in the poultry industry. As chairman of George’s Inc., with operations located throughout Arkansas, Missouri and Virginia, Gene serves as a role model for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Gene has made a lasting impact on his community. He was an original member of the First National Bank of Springdale and served on the boards for J. B. Hunt Transport Incorporated, Hudson Foods and Springdale Memorial Hospital as well.

He was an outspoken supporter of public safety, championing issues such as DNA testing for all convicted felons and cracking down on sexual predators. Additionally, he was known for his annual law enforcement appreciation dinner which raises tens of thousands of dollars each year for children’s charities in South Dakota.

Net Worth

Gene George has an estimated net worth of $250 million. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who founded Haas Automation, a manufacturer of machine tools. Additionally, he owns NASCAR and Formula One racing teams.

He has donated millions of dollars to charitable causes. Most notably, he established a cancer research center at UT Southwestern university with his money.

He has also invested heavily in the Marcellus oil and gas formation in eastern Pennsylvania, controlling millions of acres as well as a network of pipelines.

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