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Jake Hudson West Returns to General Hospital

General Hospital fans noticed a significant change in Jake. While the actor hasn’t commented about the change, he has confirmed he’s still playing the character. Jake has a complicated relationship with Elizabeth and struggles to cope with the loss. He continues to support Elizabeth, despite this.

The character has suffered a lot, including the deaths of his parents, a plague, and a heart attack. He has also been subject to mind control in the past. He has also had a troubled relationship with his stepfather, Jason. His brother and mother support him despite his difficulties. Lucky is resentful of Jake because of this relationship.

The character began life in 2007, when Nigbor portrayed Jake as a young boy. Later, the character was killed in a hit and run car accident that involved his grandfather. However, in 2015, Jake miraculously reappeared, as Helena held him hostage. The show hasn’t confirmed that Nigbor is leaving the show, but he is reportedly in contract negotiations with the network.

General Hospital is familiar with Hudson West. The actor has appeared in many other projects, including American Crime Story and Mall Cop 2. Since its debut in 2016, Hudson West’s character Jake Spencer has been a favorite character on the soap. He was last seen in 2016 with his parents, Liz & Jason. He is not expected to return to General Hospital in December. However, he is expected to make an appearance in January.

In an episode of the new season of General Hospital, Jake and Aiden are trying to solve the case by brainstorming their way to find a person of interest. The person of interest is someone who doesn’t want his mother to leave Franco. It’s not that Dr. Hamilton Finn, the ghost of Franco, or a fanged Dr. Hamilton Finn are haunting Port Charles. These are simply the ghosts of past events, and Jake and Aiden are old enough to know that their mother is just tired and taking sleep medication.

Jake has missed his therapist’s appointment and is concerned that he may be responsible for the delay. However, he claims that he didn’t put his portrait on the mantle. The truth is quite different. Jake is also reluctant to share his feelings about it. Luckily, he has a supportive friend in Finn.

Jake and Elizabeth aren’t the only ones who want to talk to their other personalities. While they talk to one another, it seems that they are trying to keep their other characters away. While they have their differences, Luke, Esme and Esme have interesting connections. However, it’s difficult to determine which one is behind the intrusions. Jake and Elizabeth take extra precautions. Elizabeth is then confronted with another scary incident. She talks to Laura Collins.

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