Genshin Impact New Characters Leak

Genshin Impact – New Characters Leak

Recently, leaks about the upcoming Genshin Impact update have been surfacing online. Some of these images include banners of three new Sumeru characters, a Dendro Traveler with Geo abilities, and images of some of the upcoming dungeon zones. Additionally, we have also learned that the first four-star Dendro character is expected to be revealed in the game. The character’s name is unknown, but it has been rumored that he will be called “Anemo,” due to the color of his Vision.

The leak also reveals that the 2.6 update will include new characters from Genshin Impact. Ayato is expected to be a 5-star character and Heizou will be a 4-star character. Although there is no official release date for these characters yet, credible leakers have confirmed that they will be included in the Genshin Impact 2.6 update. We are also yet to see the character’s appearance, so we are likely to be left in the dark until we hear more.

Another new character is Dori, a four-star Electro Claymore user from Sumeru. Her full name is Dori Sangemah Bay, but it is usually shortened to Dori Sange Mahabay. Despite her name being different from her original name, her moveset is similar to her predecessor, Collei. She will also be a supporting character on the Kokomi and Ganyu banners.

Those new characters leaks are exciting news for fans of Genshin Impact. The action-adventure game’s open world is visually stunning and has risen to the top of the list of best-selling mobile games. In recent times, it has been expanding its cast of playable characters. One of these leaks revealed Collei as a hydro user, which means she can control the element of water. In Genshin Impact, water is one of the seven elements.

Genshin Impact is approaching the third region, Sumeru, and a new playable character has been revealed. We now know the look of both characters, and can speculate about the potential storylines and the new characters. The next few months will be filled with exciting news! We can’t wait to play the game.

The fourth character in Genshin Impact is Nahida, a Dendro Archon who is responsible for Sumeru. She will be the first Archon to aid the Traveler. She is also the youngest Archon in Teyvat. While we have not seen the new character’s banner yet, leaks have led to speculation about her powers and potential role in the game.

Another character that is expected to be revealed in the upcoming update is Cyno. The game will feature this character in a future update, and he will have Anemo vision. The other Anemo character, Faruzan, has also been rumored to appear in the game. Both are likely to play as main DPSs in teams.

The leaks also revealed the potential ability set of other characters. One of these characters is the Sumeru Dendro Archon, and the small girl at the far right is believed to be Nahida. This character was first revealed last year but hasn’t been featured in the game’s trailers. It is not known if she will make it to patch 3.1 or not, but is estimated to make an appearance in patch 3.2.

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