Geoffrey Fieger Net Worth

Geoffrey Fieger is a highly esteemed American attorney renowned for his successful trial track records. As senior partner at Fieger, Fieger, Kenney & Harrington P.C, Geoffrey serves as senior legal commentator on both NBC and MSNBC news channels.

His high-profile cases and charitable activities have left an imprintful mark in the legal world, giving him an enormous net worth due to his career success as an attorney.

Early Life and Education

Geoffrey Fieger was born December 23rd 1950 in Oak Park, Michigan to June Beth (nee Oberer) and Bernard Julian Fieger and was raised with great love and care by both of them in this northern Detroit suburb. After attending Southfield High School he earned a BA degree at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor before going on to earn a law degree from what is now Michigan State University College of Law (formerly Detroit College of Law).

Geoffrey is best-known as a defense attorney for Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a physician who assisted terminally ill patients to end their lives through assisted suicide. Additionally, Geoffrey gained prominence for suing Jenny Jones Show and representing Nathaniel Abraham who was wrongly charged with murder.

Professional Career

Geoffrey Fieger is one of the nation’s premier attorneys. He has published numerous legal scholarly articles and is highly sought after as an expert witness in high-profile media trials. Additionally, Geoffrey appears regularly on CNN, Fox and MSNBC providing his insights and expert opinion on various legal matters.

He earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees at the University of Michigan before going on to receive his J.D. at Detroit College of Law-Michigan State University. Since then, he has worked on high-profile and contentious cases, including representing Jack Kevorkian at one of several doctor-assisted suicide trials.

Fieger, Kenney & Harrington P.C. senior partner Robert Fieger is enjoying life with his family; son of June Beth and Bernard Julian Fieger with Jewish and Norwegian roots respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Geoffrey Fieger is an esteemed attorney, known for championing civil liberties and representing those without voices. He has won many landmark cases and his firm specializes in personal injury litigation, civil rights litigation and medical malpractice claims.

Attorney David Green gained international acclaim through his representation of Dr. Jack Kevorkian during an assisted suicide trial, which ultimately came to nothing. Furthermore, he appeared regularly on both NBC and MSNBC to discuss legal matters and topics.

Geoffrey Fieger is a dedicated husband and father who takes great pleasure in spending his free time with his family in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. His two children reside with their wife; his father Bernard Julian Fieger was the lead vocalist for The Knack band; while one other brother Doug Fieger plays bass guitar in another band.

Personal Life

Geoffrey Fieger is a well-recognized attorney who has won notable settlements and judgments for his clients. Additionally, he often serves as legal analyst on both NBC and MSNBC news programs – an effort which has contributed significantly to his wealth accumulation.

He resides in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan with his wife Kathleen and has three adopted children from different families. An avid reader and sports fanatic, he has not been involved in any controversies or scandals during his personal life.

He is the senior partner at a prestigious law firm and specializes in criminal defense, civil rights litigation, and medical malpractice claims. Additionally, he served as Jack Kevorkian’s defense attorney as well as being nominated as Democratic candidate for governor of Michigan in 1998.

Net Worth

Geoffrey Fieger is an accomplished American lawyer who has amassed significant wealth throughout his career. Known for high-profile cases, television appearances, and charitable efforts, his wealth of knowledge allows him to fight on behalf of his clients’ rights.

He serves as senior partner at his own law firm and as legal commentator on both NBC and MSNBC. His focus lies on medical malpractice cases, personal injury lawsuits and civil rights litigation.

He is a loving family man and lives in Bloomfield Hills with his wife and children. In addition to his professional endeavors, he also engages in charitable efforts; having contributed significant sums of money to various organizations and charities over time.

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