George Abney

George Abney Died peacefully on July 4 at the Age of 79

George Abney was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and brother-in-law who passed away peacefully on July 4th at 79 years of age.

George was a 32nd degree Mason and an enthusiastic Nascar fan. He also loved water skiing, motorcycles and snow skiing.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Abney is a highly-rated attorney based in Atlanta, Georgia. He offers legal counsel on tax matters and white collar criminal defense cases to the surrounding community.

He graduated with the class of 1998 and passed the bar in 1999. His passion for helping others and making a positive difference in their lives drives him to pursue this endeavor.

In June 1987, a 40-year old Navajo woman named Sarah Saganitso went missing from Flagstaff Medical Center and her dismembered body was discovered in a nearby wooded area.

George Abney, a former university professor, is accused of murdering Saganitso with his teeth. Prosecutors presented evidence in court showing bite marks around Abney’s left breast while the defence suggested it was likely an act of ritualistic killing linked to witchcraft committed by a Navajo skin-walker.

Achievements and Honors

George Abney has achieved a number of remarkable accomplishments throughout his life. He was recognized as a top attorney in his field and served as an honorary member of the International Olympic Committee.

He is a renowned artist known for creating artwork to benefit special causes. He was recently commissioned to design the Challenger 7 space shuttle logo and also produced paintings dedicated to Special Olympics.

He has received numerous awards for his achievements, including the George M. Abney Honors Award from Grady College – their highest academic honor.

Personal Life

George Abney was a kindhearted soul who always helped those in need. He treasured spending time with family and friends, especially his grandchildren.

He had a deep-seated passion for the country, particularly agriculture. Additionally, he was an honorary 32nd degree Mason. When not skiing or riding his motorcycles, he enjoyed snow skiing as well.

The author believes this man was married to Cassandra and had at least one daughter, though there is no documentation to back this up.

Net Worth

George Abney has an estimated net worth of $943 thousand dollars. He owns 793 units of United Parcel Service stock.

On June 15th 2022, he exercised 793 units of UPS stock for a total value of $145,103.

His net worth is calculated based on ownership reports from SEC filings.

He is a partner on the firm’s Tax Controversy Team, where his practice encompasses civil and criminal tax controversy matters. With extensive trial and appellate experience, he represents clients in federal, state, and administrative agencies. Additionally, he has appeared before the United States Tax Court and successfully represented individuals during IRS audits and investigations. Furthermore, he has litigated cases regarding the use of net worth method for proving income for tax purposes.

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