George Alderson

George Alderson

George was a dedicated worker who had an admirable work ethic. He dedicated much of his spare time to helping his family on their farm in Weiser, Idaho.

He also took on several side jobs to support his family, such as driving a tractor, baling hay and lighting smudge pots. Never seeking payment, he worked tirelessly to make sure his family was taken care of.

Early Life and Education

George was raised on his family’s farm near Weiser, ID and developed an intense work ethic from an early age. He learned how to collaborate effectively with others and served as a great role model and educator for his children.

He had a knack for humor and was often entertaining friends with his quick wit. He loved to converse and share his ideas with anyone he encountered, never failing to amaze people with his stories and unique sayings.

He had a deep-seated passion for the environment and was an active participant in Earth Watch. Additionally, he traveled independently to several states and countries.

Professional Career

George Alderson has an extensive career in the real estate industry. His varied experiences have provided him with invaluable knowledge of many facets of this dynamic field.

He has also worked as a personal trainer for Les Mills, helping his clients reach their fitness goals and build confidence in themselves. This experience was an integral part of his education as it equipped him with the necessary foundation to be successful in real estate.

His family is of the utmost importance to him and he always makes time for them. They are all very close, and he promises that he will always be there when needed.

Achievements and Honors

George Alderson was a loving family man who made sure to spend quality time with each of his children. He instilled in them the strength to succeed and the willpower to do their best at whatever task was set before them.

They have achieved great success and achieved high degrees of education, earning them numerous honors and awards throughout their careers.

George Alderson’s list of accomplishments includes being awarded the Albert Medal of the First Class in 1976 by the United States Army, being recognized as an Outstanding Young Lawyer by Lubbock County Bar Association and receiving Boss of the Year honor from Lubbock Legal Professionals Association.

Personal Life

George was a hardworking man who took great pride in his family. He always ensured they had everything they needed.

His children admired and emulated his strong work ethic. He instilled responsibility, along with pride in their accomplishments.

He had a generous nature and would often give of himself, even when money was tight. Additionally, he worked multiple side jobs to ensure his family was taken care of.

Net Worth

George Alderson has an estimated net worth of $100,000. He is an American investor and businessman.

He has traded TROW stock on 22 occasions. On December 15th 2020, he exercised 8,100 units valued at $615,600 worth of TROW shares.

He is an extremely active trader, having executed 20,954 unit trades in the past 60 days.

He has been a successful businessman and investor for over ten years. An expert in all types of insurance including fire, marine, life, accident, as well as owning numerous real estate properties throughout the country, he holds broad views on life’s issues; is honest, enterprising, liberal and generous by nature.

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