George Alston

George Alston

George Alston is a renowned professional dog show exhibitor renowned for his success and accomplishments. As an expert in this sport, George has written multiple books about it.

His first book, “The Winning Edge,” is essential reading for those wanting to understand the intricacies of showing dogs. It delves into the psychology behind the sport and provides tips on focusing in the ring.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Alston has been a long-standing professional in the dog show business, teaching and mentoring many of today’s top winning professionals and judges. His books have become essential staples on any show dog fan’s shelf, while his seminars offer advice to those pursuing success in this sport.

After a brief absence from the game, Alston returned as head coach at Corrimal in 1983 after they had been relegated back down to Illawarra Premier League level. Alston managed a solid side that finished second three times; though they never won the Grand Final, they did experience some form of success on the field.

He remained at Bulli for six more seasons, where he also took over the head coaching role. Though they didn’t win the Grand Final, Alston managed to lead them into an era of sustained success which continues today.

Achievements and Honors

George Alston has achieved many notable accomplishments throughout his life. He is a successful businessman and an award-winning filmmaker, with films including Love Free or Die (PBS 2012), Hard Road Home (PBS 2008), The Killer Within (Discovery Films 2006) and Family Name (PBS 1998).

He also spends his free time training dogs, charging between $60-$150 per dog for training, trimming, and conditioning. Finally, he displays his pups in dog shows.

He was recently honored for his accomplishments and honors at the third annual Gift of Giving Gala organized by the Student Success Leadership Council on April 7 at UMD, attended by 400 students, faculty members and alumni.

Personal Life

George Alston was an accomplished outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting, fishing and shooting. Additionally, he painted watercolor paintings depicting sporting landscapes and animals.

He enjoyed duck and deer blinds, fields of white-wing dove, stalking pheasants in Kansas, quail hunting on horseback, fishing in Canadian lakes, Alaska and the Snake River as well as off the Mexican and Texas coastlines.

George Alston was the first of the Alstons to settle in South Australia and an influential figure within its early community. He donated money towards building up the first Presbyterian Church building fund and joined forces with members of the local Agricultural Society for his activities.

Net Worth

Gerald Alston is an American singer best known as a member of The Manhattans, who achieved great success on the R&B charts after replacing George Smith in 1970. With their success and continued top ten placements throughout nearly a decade, Alston continued to rise through the ranks.

He returned to the group in 1995 after realizing his solo career wasn’t what he expected it to be. To celebrate, he released a single called “Kiss and Say Goodbye,” which reached the top ten.

Mr. Alston was awarded a yearly annuity of $55,000 by the trial court, payable in November each year for twenty years.

In addition to a monetary award, the court awarded Mrs. Alston one-half interest in her husband’s yearly annuity and ordered her to pay him alimony. It also ordered her to vacate both her condominium and time share unit located in Virginia.

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