George Anglin

George Anglin

George Anglin is a retired lawyer who has dedicated himself to protecting LGBT individuals from discrimination and harassment.

He was a founding member of the Social Justice Committee (SJC), an organization which meticulously documented police harassment in gay bars and dance clubs by taking down names, badge numbers, dates, and witness contact info. This action marked an important turning point in relations between Dallas Police Department and LGBT citizens alike.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Anglin’s professional career spanned nearly three decades. During this time, he worked in theatre, motion pictures and television.

He wrote numerous books and articles on various subjects, while serving as editor of The Freeman, a newspaper that featured Irish Roman Catholics from New Brunswick and beyond.

In 1872, he was elected Speaker of the House of Commons and an avid supporter of Alexander Mackenzie and his Liberal Party.

After Macdonald’s Conservative government collapsed in November 1873, Mackenzie nominated Anglin as Speaker for four months until Parliament reconvened. He was re-elected in February 1878 but ultimately defeated at the September general election that followed.

Achievements and Honors

George Anglin has earned a plethora of accolades and honors during his career, working in numerous fields while making significant contributions to education.

Anglin not only taught high school science and technology classes, but he was also a vocational technology instructor. Later, he served nine years on the State Board of Career and Technology Education in Kansas where he was heavily involved.

Anglin’s most recent role is Vice President of Program at the Cleveland Foundation, where he oversees grantmaking for programs that address youth development issues and community needs. A passionate supporter of positive youth development programming, Anglin is passionate about building successful partnerships. A true leader within Cleveland, Anglin has had a significant impact on its community.

Personal Life

George Anglin was an active churchgoer with high ethical standards. He strongly opposed slavery and believed the United States had failed to learn from its Civil War experience.

He advocated for the protection of Native Americans and was against discrimination against African-Americans. An independent thinker, he often disagreed with political parties and even took aim at some of his colleagues.

He had a vibrant family life, loving his wife and children deeply. Additionally, he had numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren to cherish. An avid reader who kept up with current events with ease, he enjoyed playing games with friends and attending church services with devotion.

Net Worth

George Anglin is the publisher of neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, who amassed a substantial net worth in 2016 from his site. Through it, Anglin promoted white supremacy and incited violence at the Charlottesville rally.

Tanya Gersh filed a lawsuit against Anglin to reveal his net worth, alleging he had invaded her privacy and caused emotional distress to her family after receiving hundreds of harassing and anti-Semitic messages from him. Lynch limited Gersh’s request to financial information that “allows for preliminary evaluation of his net worth.”

The judge rejected several objections from Anglin, including claims that his request was too broad and not specific enough. She ordered Anglin to comply with Gersh’s requests within four months.

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