George Aquino

Cory Aquino and George Aquino

Aquino provides clients with expert guidance on all aspects of construction and project management, such as disputes, mechanic’s liens foreclosures, delay claims, change order negotiation and disputes, trust fund claims, surety/insurance matters and bankruptcy proceedings.

He has experience appearing in trial and appellate courts, administrative agencies, as well as for legislative inquiries. Additionally, he represents clients across a range of sectors such as banking, telecommunications, power & energy, public utilities, media & education technology companies and government service.

Early Life and Education

Growing up on her family’s sugar plantation in Paniqui, Tarlac, she was intensely focused on her studies. Additionally, she acquired proficiency in multiple languages including English and Tagalog.

Aquino was a devout Catholic who became prominent in the political realm. She vocally opposed many policies and initiatives taken by her government, especially those she believed threatened the country’s democratic foundations.

She was an instrumental figure in the 1986 People Power Revolution that overthrew President Ferdinand Marcos. She stood as a bulwark against coup attempts by loyalists to Marcos and was instrumental in restoring democracy after Marcos’ rule.

Aquino also championed significant agrarian reform, the restoration of the country’s bicameral Congress and peace talks with Muslim insurgents. Unfortunately, her presidency saw the economy falter under her direction and she was often criticized for failing to address economic problems.

Professional Career

Aquino has had a distinguished professional career in business and education. He held various positions such as executive-director, senior director, project manager, provost, and dean of business.

He has extensive international experience, having worked in the United States, Brazil, India and Europe. In these roles he has spearheaded numerous strategic initiatives and implemented academic programs, accreditation processes and corporate training sessions.

His research is dedicated to the discovery of novel therapies for those living with chronic pain and addiction. Additionally, he has published multiple articles regarding his work.

Aquino was raised in the Philippines and now resides in Grand Rapids, MI. He has worked for DeVos and Van Andel-owned AHC Hospitality Company for more than three decades, witnessing downtown’s transformation from a 9-5 business district into an exciting entertainment and nightlife mecca.

Achievements and Honors

Cory Aquino was the first female president of the Philippines and elected after decades of dictatorship by Ferdinand Marcos. She restored democracy to the country and successfully thwarted multiple coup attempts by supporters of Marcos.

She set an inspiring example of nonviolent opposition in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi, and she successfully brought the Philippine government into international and regional organizations. Additionally, she championed women’s rights while combatting corruption head-on.

As President, she implemented many radical and transformative changes and wide-reaching democratic reforms on the country. She repealed repressive laws, restored civil liberties, and abolished the 1973 Marcos Constitution. Furthermore, she shut down Marcos’ Batasang Pambansa party-run office and reorganized the Supreme Court with new judges appointed by her.

Personal Life

George Aquino is a well-known figure in the Philippines, known for his generosity and ability to lend a helping hand when people find themselves in difficult circumstances.

He earned both his undergraduate and Juris Doctor degrees from Ateneo de Manila University, while also holding a Partner position at ACCRALAW, specializing in civil and criminal litigation.

His philanthropic efforts are far-reaching, including donations to numerous organizations and projects throughout the Philippines.

Aquino’s husband endured harsh conditions in a prison he despised, which he described as a “death camp”. He endured prolonged periods of isolation and was kept on an almost-skeletal frame.

Since her election to Congress in 1996, Aquino has been actively engaged in political campaigns and human rights activism. She advocated for the release of Burmese democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi and served on the Council of Women World Leaders from 1996 until 2009.

Net Worth

According to his mid-year Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN), Aquino’s net worth increased by P4 million in six months from the P54 million reported in his end-2010 SALN.

Edwin Lacierda, a Quinn spokesperson, informed reporters that the president had earned P17 million from the sale of his Antipolo City family property. Furthermore, she explained how he had sold off shares in nine companies which had occupied his SALNs until 2009.

What exactly caused Aquino’s recent surge in wealth? That remains an unsolved puzzle – at least according to the BIR.

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