George Arispe

George Arispe – A Community-Centered Person

George Arispe is a dedicated community leader. With an extensive background in law enforcement, he currently serves as Chief Deputy of Schleicher County.

George has been a long-time resident of Eldorado and is an active participant in the Texas Chief Deputies Association. Additionally, he has served on the boards of numerous local nonprofit organizations.

Early Life and Education

George Arispe was a lifelong farmer who enjoyed spending time with family on their farm north of Ellston. He and wife Naomi also passed along their passion for agriculture to their four children: Douglas Allan, Gary Dean, Randy Guy and Lisa Grace.

George was a loving husband and father who deeply loved his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He and Naomi made sure to attend all their activities and sporting events, even if it meant traveling multiple nights per week for dances.

He was an accomplished cribbage player, challenging his children and grandchildren at every family gathering. He enjoyed playing at Arispe on Wednesday afternoons, eventually becoming champion in the 2018 Jim Overholtzer Cribbage Tournament. Additionally, he belonged to Eagles Lodge in Creston and volunteered at Tingley meal sites for many years.

Professional Career

George Arispe is an experienced law enforcement officer and serves as Constable for Schleicher County, Texas. He possesses a deep sense of community and always offers assistance to those around him.

He has been active in several community initiatives, serving as a member of the Texas Chief Deputies Association and on the Board of Directors for Eldorado Youth Corps. Furthermore, he is an devoted husband, father, and brother.

He has extensive expertise in cell biology, angiogenesis, endothelium, cancer research and immunology. His work primarily revolves around themes connecting autocrine signalling, cell differentiation and anatomy. His study of Endothelium covers topics such as endothelial stem cell regulation of gene expression while his cell biology research includes Growth factor and Vascular endothelial growth factor A.

Achievements and Honors

George has been a long-term resident of Eldorado, Texas and an accomplished law enforcement professional for over three decades. During that time he held positions such as constable, sheriff’s and chief deputy; additionally teaching law and volunteering his services to several organizations including his alma mater the Eldorado Youth Corps. But most importantly he is proud parent to five children and twenty-one grandchildren along with pets like dogs, cats and fish – the family pet being George himself!

He is the proud recipient of both the SPE Award for Excellence in Education (AFE) and 2021 Faculty Mentor of the Year Award, among other honors. Each year, the AFE is given to an accomplished faculty member for their significant contributions to science, engineering and medicine. As part of their prize package, they receive a stipend that they use to fund activities they believe will enhance students’ educational journeys. As such, the AFE serves as an inspiring model program that strives to expand educational opportunities for America’s top minds.

Personal Life

George Arispe was a family-oriented individual who dedicated his life to improving the quality of life in Schleicher County. Through his efforts, many children were raised with an appreciation of what George had accomplished for the county.

He served on the Texas Chief Deputies Association and Schleicher County Hospital’s Board of Trustees. Additionally, he was a part of Eldorado Youth Corps’ Board of Directors.

George and Naomi were dedicated husband and father, raising their children northwest of Ellston with love. George enjoyed farming and sharing his enthusiasm for it with his kids.

George and Naomi enjoyed volunteering at the Tingley meal site, serving on the Tingley Kitchen Band and Charlie’s Revue. Additionally, they traveled to various dances throughout the region while playing cribbage.

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