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George Brokaw Net Worth – Who is George Brokaw?

George Brokaw is an Independent Director at DISH Network and earns a yearly salary of $167,386.

George was born on November 14, 1879 in Elberon, Long Branch, New Jersey to Isaac Vail Brokaw and owned the Brokaw Brothers clothing stores from 1856 until his passing in 1914.

Early Life and Education

George Brokaw was born on March 12, 1834 in Lodi, the son of Abram C. and Eliza A. (Huff) Brokaw.

He received his education at Princeton and attended law school in New York City. In 1923, he wed Clare Boothe Luce; however, they divorced two years later in 1923.

After a career in journalism, he retired from NBC Nightly News in 2004. Since then he has become a bestselling author with books such as The Greatest Generation Speaks.

Brokaw made headlines during his time as a news anchor, covering major stories such as civil-rights riots in Atlanta and Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination. Additionally, he helped shape television news format by co-anchoring NBC Nightly News from 1982 until 1986; providing viewers with regular access to top news reports for over two decades.

Professional Career

George Brokaw has held various board positions with several public companies and also invests as a private individual through various investment vehicles.

Mr. Brokaw joined the Board of Directors of DISH Network Corporation in October 2013 and also serves as Managing Partner of Trafelet Brokaw & Co. LLC, which manages capital for its principals and some outside investors.

His other investments include Delta Offshore Master II Ltd, a hedge fund. Furthermore, he is the sole beneficiary of RCF 2014 Legacy LLC.

He has served on the boards of several companies, including Alico Inc. (NASDAQ: ALCO), where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board since February 2022.

Achievements and Honors

Over his career, Brokaw has earned 12 Emmy Awards and two Peabody Awards. Additionally, he was inducted into the esteemed American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Brokaw is currently a special correspondent for NBC News, where he produces and reports long-form documentaries as well as providing expertise during election coverage and breaking news events. Additionally, he’s the author of several books such as The Greatest Generation and Boom!

He served as anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News” until 2004. Afterwards, he traveled around the world to interview government officials, intelligence experts and citizens affected by 9/11 for his documentary film “The Long War”.

Personal Life

George Brokaw is a renowned businessman who owns and manages numerous companies. He’s the founder of Highbridge Growth Equity Fund at Highbridge Principal Strategies LLC as well as being an advisor to Alico Inc.

He is a graduate of the Cutler School; Princeton University (1902 with a BA); and New York Law School (1911) with an LLB. Admitted to the bar in 1912, he continued his legal education with an LLM degree from University of Toledo College of Law – graduating as first in his class in 1906.

He is an Independent Director of the Company and a member of our Audit Committee and Nominating Committee. Prior to 2013, he served as Managing Director and Head of Private Equity at Perry Capital, L.L.C.

Net Worth

George Brokaw is an acclaimed journalist and television personality, estimated to have a net worth of $80 million. He earned his living as the host of NBC’s “Nightly News” and is best known for creating “The Greatest Generation” series of books.

In addition to his career as a journalist, he has also written seven books and served on the boards of directors for multiple charitable organizations. These contributions have contributed significantly to both his net worth and public image.

Matt Lauer boasts a net worth of $17 million and is the co-anchor of NBC’s “Today Show”. His good looks and intense interview style have made him popular, and he’s also hosted Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and covered the Olympics.

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