George Cerrito

George Cerrito

George Cerrito was an esteemed ballerina who danced for nine seasons at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. Not only was she a popular performer, but also an accomplished choreographer.

She married Arthur Saint-Leon in 1845, and the two went on to have a daughter, Matilde. Saint-Leon also created ballets specifically for Matilde, including Le Violon du diable (1849).

Early Life and Education

George Cerrito’s interest in local history began as a youngster. He recalls taking walks around his neighborhood and particularly admiring its mid-century architecture.

He began writing letters to the Downey Eagle in order to save Speedee McDonald’s restaurant, and eventually formed the Downey Conservancy – an organization dedicated to preserving local buildings.

Now, he is a state Assemblyman from Bell and Maywood who champions early childhood education. Additionally, his passion for environmental justice includes reducing air and water pollution.

He was raised in Queens, New York as the fourth child of Paul and Delfina Cerrito. Survived by his wife Catherine, 3 sons, and 9 grandchildren, Paul Cerrito passed away peacefully at age 95.

Professional Career

George Cerrito spent most of his professional career in financial services. He worked for Capital One Banking Services and served on its executive committee.

He retired to Wellington, Florida where he enjoyed spending time with his three children and nine grandchildren.

Throughout his life, he maintained an intimate circle of friends and family. A loving husband, father, grandfather who will be deeply missed by all, he was truly a man of the people.

His wife Catherine (Kitty), three sons George, Joseph & Thomas as well as 9 grandchildren remain to cherish his memory. He leaves a legacy of love, laughter and joy behind.

George was a long-time supporter of El Cerrito High School athletics and was inducted into the ECHS Athletic Hall of Fame.

Achievements and Honors

George Cerrito made significant advances in operations research. His accomplishments included the recognition and definition of a class of practical problems that can be studied as linear programs, as well as developing the simplex algorithm for solving them.

He earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1938 and then spent some time working with the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington D.C., where he became acquainted with Jerzy Neyman’s work.

On May 23, Zoom hosted an awards event to recognize Scholarship, Pioneer and Youth Leadership Award winners. Five high school seniors were recognized based on their academic accomplishments, community involvement, school activities, work history, JACL involvement and written essay. Members of this year’s Scholarship Committee include Mark Fujikawa, Vera Kawamura, Karen Kiyo Lowhurst, Ryan Matsuda, Neal Ouye, Al Satake and Sharron Sue;

Personal Life

George Cerrito was an active figure in his community. He was involved with the El Cerrito Historical Society and other local organizations.

He was deeply committed to his family, having been married for 67 years and blessed with 9 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

George lived in Queens, New York as a child with his mother and siblings. Later he relocated to El Cerrito with his wife Catherine (Kitty) and their three boys.

He was a veteran journalist, having worked as reporter, editor and columnist for several newspapers in the East Bay. Unfortunately, his journey ended due to pancreatic cancer.

Net Worth

George Cerrito is a renowned stuntman and member of the Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall of Fame, born on March 6, 1941 in Connecticut, United States.

He had a successful career as a stuntman and is best known for his role in the movie Halloween 4. Estimates place his net worth at approximately $3 million dollars.

Paul Cerrito is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has made considerable wealth through his work. He owns a strip club, from which he derives much of his income.

He is married to Yasmine Bleeth, a renowned actress and model. They have been happily married for years but do not yet have any children together.

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