George Cervilla

George Cervilla and Early Childhood Education

George Cervilla founded Herbs of Mexico, a retail store that began as a small shop in East Los Angeles and quickly blossomed into an expansive multi-generational enterprise that still provides natural powdered herbal combinations in teas and capsules to this day. With his wealth of knowledge about Latin American herbs, George cemented the foundations for this multigenerational business with enthusiasm.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is essential for the development of young children, as this period is filled with curiosity, exploration, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Early childhood education programs and passionate teachers or care providers can shape a child’s attitude toward learning that will last throughout their lives. A quality early childhood education program and engaging teachers or care providers will encourage development and academic success while instilling in them an everlasting enthusiasm for learning.

Play has long been used as a primary teaching method in ancient cultures, and its relevance today cannot be denied. Many schools have implemented learning centers into their classrooms to foster literacy, numeracy, creative thinking and problem-solving abilities in children.

Personal Life

Cervilla was an esteemed psychiatrist, educator and research scientist. He held membership in the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

He was born in 1966 in Granada, Spain and earned his Licenciate in Medicine from the University of Granada in 1990 before receiving his Master’s degree from Kings College London in 1996.

His expertise on Latin American herbs made him a pioneer of herbal medicine and his store, Herbs of Mexico, became popular with loyal customers. By 1980 he passed the business on to his sons Roland, Alven and Robert.

He was a well-known author of books about herbs. Additionally, he wrote numerous articles and had numerous interviews in newspapers and television shows about the subject. Furthermore, he frequently spoke at conferences and medical conventions.

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