George Charette

George Charette

George Charette is a New York-based jazz pianist. He has performed with numerous musicians such as Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan and Paul Simon.

He also performs with jazz combos. His recordings for Posi-Tone label and Steeplechase label showcase his leadership abilities.

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Professional Career

George Charette began playing piano at an early age and eventually relocated to New York City. He has performed with numerous jazz bands as well as being an active music educator, author, and lecturer.

Hammond organist Michael Hammond has earned recognition as both a DownBeat Critic’s Poll Rising Star for 2014 and 2015, as well as Hot House Magazine’s Best Organist in New York in 2015. He currently resides in the East Village of Manhattan.

On this album, Charette’s quartet features Kenny Brooks (tenor sax), Mike DiRubbo (alto sax), Itai Kriss (flute) and Karel Ruzicka (bass clarinet). The tunes range from straightforward soul, blues and bop workout anthems to more contemplative ones with brief moments of discord. Overall, this collection of jazz music offers some clever touches throughout.

Achievements and Honors

George Charette, a Navy officer, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism during the Spanish-American War. On June 2nd 1898 he was aboard the collier Merrimac that Rear Admiral William T Sampson had ordered sunk to block Santiago Harbor in Cuba on that fateful night.

Gunner’s Mate First Class Charette displayed extraordinary heroism throughout this operation, despite intense fire from Spanish batteries. He bravely and selflessly rendered aid to his wounded comrades, even risking his own life to save a seriously wounded marine whose armored vest had been torn from him. Through these heroic deeds, Petty Officer Charette saved many lives while upholding the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

Personal Life

George Charette is a renowned Hammond organist in the New York music scene. He’s performed alongside artists such as Paul Simon and Chaka Khan, among others.

He possesses an adeptness for improvisation, which is evident in both his home recordings and latest album for Danish Steeplechase label, Power From the Air. This collection of original compositions and jazz standards features a diverse mix of both.

Yellow Car is a fast-paced Jimmy Smith-style blues that features subtle jabs and blips throughout. Chelsea Bridge, one of two Ellington tunes featured here, gets reinvented with an incredible crescendoing chorus. Fishler provides the anchor for both slow-burn “Want” and frenetic “Frenzy,” three more original compositions round out the program. Charette has created an album that grows more captivating with every listen.

Net Worth

George Charette is an American engineer and entrepreneur. He founded and serves as CEO of Medical Engineering Volunteers of Florida, a nonprofit organization that donates wheelchairs and other medical devices to those in need. With an estimated net worth between $1-5 million dollars, Charette has amassed considerable wealth throughout his career.

He was born on June 23, 1955 in Canada and has an avid fan base on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

However, he keeps his personal and love life private, preferring not to discuss them publicly.

He is currently dating Michelle L. DeFeo and proud grandfather to Karishma A. Charette, Kiana J. Charette and Haeleigh R. DeFeo; plus brother to Ronald Charette and Norma “Blondie” Andrews. Additionally a member of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Palm Bay FL.

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