George Chrysanthopoulos

George Chrysanthopoulos Convicted of Federal Bribery Charges

George Chrysanthopoulos, a Little Silver, New Jersey native who owns Tarheel Enterprises Inc., an extensive construction and paving business, has been found guilty of federal charges for his involvement in a bid-rigging scheme.

He was found guilty of one count of mail fraud and one count of wire fraud. If convicted, he could face up to 100 years in prison for each count.

Early Life and Education

Chrysanthopoulos was born in Constantinople, Turkey to a Greek noble family. In 1818 he joined the Filiki Eteria (Society of Friends) and quickly rose to become one of its most active members. Later that same year he was appointed Ottoman envoy to Paris; serving both as diplomat for the Ottoman Empire and secretary to Hospodar of Moldavia Scarlat Callimachi. On June 21, 1900 he passed away in Paris at age 47; interred at Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Paris.

In February 2011, Chrysanthopoulos devised a scheme to influence Donald Olesky, director of facilities maintenance at Maher Terminals LLC, into helping him fix a construction bid process in favor of Tarheel Construction, an experienced heavy construction and paving company.

Achievements and Honors

Chrysanthopoulos was the co-owner and vice president of Tarheel, a heavy construction and paving company based in Morgan, New Jersey. Between February 2011 and April 2011, Chrysanthopoulos planned to bribe Donald Olesky – the former director of facilities maintenance at Maher Terminals LLC – with the promise that Olesky would help manipulate their bid process for a construction project to benefit Tarheel instead.

Chrysanthopoulos was found guilty of two counts of mail fraud and one count of interstate commercial bribery in Trenton federal court, where he was released on bond and faces up to 20 years in prison. Additionally, Chrysanthopoulos is credited with organizing the iconic film festival hit MISS VIOLENCE (Coppa Volpi at Venice IFF 2013), for which he received the EAVE + Award at Cinelink Co-Production Market Awards 2020.

Personal Life

George Chrysanthopoulos, owner of Tarheel Enterprises Inc. in Little Silver, New Jersey, was recently indicted for paying a $350,000 bribe to the New Jersey Department of Transportation and a private port terminal operator. On Thursday he pleaded guilty to the third count of an indictment; upon being found guilty on both first and second counts he faces up to 100 years in prison plus forfeiting $17 million worth of proceeds from these bribes.

Chrysanthopoulos will likely spend the majority of his time in prison. Judge Joel Pisano will schedule a sentencing hearing for Chrysanthopoulos within the next few months. To learn more about this case, visit the FBI website which features an interactive map of the crime scene.

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