George Chuang (Actor)

George Chuang (Actor)

George Chuang has been a family medicine doctor in San Mateo, CA for 24 years and is affiliated with Doctors Hospital Of Manteca and Memorial Hospital Los Banos.

He is a board-certified Family Medicine Specialist who accepts several insurance plans. Please confirm your coverage with the provider’s office before making an appointment.

Early Life and Education

George Chuang began his life as a devout Buddhist, but when he was seventeen, his faith began to crumble and he felt lost in the world. Spending hours alone at Buddhist shrines chanting mantras, it became difficult for him to find any meaning in existence.

In his later years, he discovered the teachings of Zhuangzi. Zhuangzi’s philosophy is founded on the idea that life is an ongoing transformation of the Dao.

Zhuangzi emphasizes in his writings that men should live a virtuous life without becoming attached to their circumstances and attachments. Additionally, he urges men to allow things to unfold naturally without seeking to control or reform them.

Professional Career

George Chuang is an accomplished professional with a background in finance and law. He serves as partner at FountainVest Partners (Asia) Limited, a private equity firm that specializes in China-related investments.

He has been employed at the company since 1999 and previously served as its managing director. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and biology from the University of California, Irvine as well as an MBA from the University of Southern California.

He is the founder and CEO of Lucy Labs, a digital asset management company that offers blockchain solutions to financial services firms. Additionally, he is an experienced startup entrepreneur with expertise in financial services and private equity investments. Furthermore, he’s an exemplary family man as well as an active community volunteer.

Achievements and Honors

George Chuang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lucy Labs, a crypto finance company that has been in operation since 2016. Additionally, he oversees the firm’s overall strategy as well as risk management.

He earned his law degree from Harvard University and has extensive experience in civil and criminal court litigation, including jury trials. Additionally, he served as clerk to a federal judge, giving him invaluable insight into all three branches of government.

George Chuang has earned a number of accolades during his college years. These include a shared Technical Achievement Academy Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as well as the esteemed North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Distinguished Educator award.

Personal Life

George Chuang is an entrepreneur in the financial services sector. He co-founded Lucy Labs, a crypto finance company that specializes in digital asset management and private equity investments; additionally, he serves as its CEO.

He graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctorate. His expertise lies in federal court litigation, including civil and criminal jury trials.

He is passionate about serving his community. He has worked pro bono for the Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center, a nonprofit that offers free legal services to low-income Asian Americans and immigrants in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.

Net Worth

George Chuang is an art director and former production executive at Dreamworks, best known for his technical innovations to the industry. Before that, he had an artistic side as well. Now the founder of Cloudpic, a collaborative creative web company, Chuang estimated net worth at $896 thousand dollars. Besides personal income, Chuang also invests in stock trades – in 2012 buying 230,769 units of Masonite International Corp stock at over $2,999,997; plus selling DOOR stock on average every 182 days since 2011.

George Chuang currently resides at 101 Mitchells Method Yorktown, VA 22902, a residential property whose median home value ranges from $300-349K. With an estimated age of 54 years, George is considered an old person by this area’s standards.

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