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George Hawley – The Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism

George Hawley is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama and author of Voting and Migration Patterns in America (2013), White Voters in Twenty-First Century America (2014), and Right-Wing Criticisms of American Conservatism (2016).

The “alt-right” is an outlaw group of racists that want to transform America into a white nation through restrictive immigration policies and eventually through more ambitious programs of ethnic cleansing. They present themselves as edgy, countercultural and irreverent.

Early Life and Education

George Hawley achieved great success despite a difficult childhood and being born into an impoverished family. He worked as a busboy in restaurants to finance his schooling, eventually graduating with honors.

He has since achieved success as an award-winning professor of political science at the University of Alabama. His works include Voting and Migration Patterns in the U.S., White Voters in Twenty-First Century America and Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism; for which he received Maxwell School’s William Nelson Bell Prize for Excellence in Public Service. Most recently, his book Conservatism in a Divided America makes an important contribution to understanding modern conservatism’s evolution.

Professional Career

George Hawley has an illustrious career in politics and law. He served as state attorney general, member of the House of Representatives, and senator from Missouri before entering politics full time.

Hawley recently spoke out against a cosmopolitan elite that values social change over tradition and career over community. He also supported President Trump’s regressive tax plan and opposed raising the minimum wage in his home state of Arizona.

His early career was defined by his commitment to conservatism, particularly through membership in the Federalist Society – a conservative legal group he joined while at Yale. Additionally, Hawley wrote a book about this movement. Nowadays he serves as an associate professor at the University of Alabama.

Achievements and Honors

His decades-long career in aerospace has seen him research and develop various graphite materials and processes. This includes work on nuclear, chemical and rocket nozzles, anodes, friction materials, heat management systems, electrodes for carbon brushes – just to name a few!

He has been recognized for his achievements by multiple organizations. Additionally, his graphite work has been published in renowned scientific journals.

Senator Hawley has dedicated his career to fighting for American workers, standing up against corporate special interests and championing entrepreneurship and small businesses. Additionally, he has fiercely upheld Missourians’ First and Second Amendment rights.

Personal Life

George Hawley is a professor of political science at the University of Alabama and an expert on election results, misinformation, voter behavior, civil unrest and immigration. He has authored multiple books related to religion and politics with an emphasis on conservative movements across America.

His book Making Sense of the Alt Right (2017) provides an insightful look into the origins, beliefs, and evolution of the alt-right–a white nationalist movement that has gained ground in recent years. Offering a compelling introduction to this important topic from an informed, fair-minded viewpoint that will resonate with readers across political divides, this book examines how the alt-right rose and fell.

Net Worth

Senator Hawley built a reputation during his tenure as Missouri’s Attorney General for taking on big government, big business, special interests, organized crime groups and anyone trying to curtail his state’s rights. He stood against Washington overreach that threatened Missouri farms and family businesses, cracked down on human trafficking, and held big opioid manufacturers accountable for their unethical marketing practices that contributed to the growth of addiction in Missouri. As a renowned constitutional lawyer, he has advocated at the Supreme Court and won landmark cases such as Hobby Lobby and Hosanna-Tabor. As Senator, he will continue fighting to safeguard our country’s liberties and those of our families. His net worth is estimated at $158 Thousand dollars as of 26 May 2022; you can monitor his purchasing and selling activity on GuruFocus.

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