George Iskenderian

George Iskenderian

George Iskenderian is an MLBPA agent specializing in player representation. He represents players drafted by major league teams as part of MVP Sports Group.

Iskenderian spent his full season playing for the Miami Hurricanes in 2014. A highly-coveted recruit out of high school, he was an integral part of their team that reached the College World Series.

Early Life and Education

George Iskenderian spent much of his youth wandering about, doing whatever work was available in order to survive. With little formal education, he learned how to draw and paint flowers and plants which later turned him into an acclaimed education theorist and proponent of progressive education methods. He is best remembered for his contributions to critical pedagogy theory.

Iskenderian had a stellar freshman season as a college player, starting all 67 games and earning himself the title of ACC regular-season batting champion – earning first team All-ACC honors. Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2014, he chose to stay in college instead of joining the big leagues; enrolling at Indian River Community College, a junior college located in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Professional Career

As a top-ranked recruit in New Jersey in 2012, George Iskenderian had plenty of Division I college coaches eager to secure his commitment. Unfortunately, his ambition to become an accomplished professional baseball player made it difficult for him to focus on playing at the college level during his freshman year. Instead, he transferred to a junior college to regain his swing and restore his confidence.

After spending a year at Indian River College, Iskenderian transferred to Miami to play for his dream school. The move paid off, as he earned All-ACC honors and helped the Hurricanes make their third consecutive College World Series appearance. Nowadays he serves as an agent with MVP Sports Group, helping players realize their own big league aspirations. On the latest episode of “From Phenom to the Farm,” host Chris Brodnax invites Iskenderian onto his show to discuss his professional career, experiences in the College World Series and life as an MLB agent.

Achievements and Honors

George Iskenderian was a top infield recruit coming out of New Jersey high school in 2012, with plenty of Division I baseball offers to choose from. But an unexpected demotion to junior college in Fort Pierce caused George Iskenderian to reconsider his decision.

He was rewarded with one of the most successful careers in telco history. As Director of Big Data & AI at Bell, he assembled an elite team of data specialists to build advanced data platforms and implement network planning, engineering and operations use cases. Furthermore, he spearheaded Europe’s first GSM SMS deployment. From there on out he led Bell’s AI-powered networks on their way towards 5G glory.

Personal Life

In the 1920’s, Turkish warlords forced the Iskenderian family from Detroit to Los Angeles. Ultimately, they settled on a grape farm in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

George Iskenderian was an elite infield recruit out of New Jersey high school with many Division I baseball suitors interested in signing him. His ambition to play in the major leagues eventually hindered his development though.

After transferring to Indian River College, Iskenderian was able to regain both his confidence and swing back. He was selected by the Cardinals in the 34th round of 2014 draft.

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