George Jiang

George Jiang

George Jiang is a renowned value investor known for his in-depth corporate research. In 1998 he established Greenwoods Asset Management, a Cayman registered investment management company specializing in Greater China equity investments.

He has an impressive track record for his investments in Chinese equities, with the flagship equity long/short fund “Golden China Fund” under his management having generated a cumulative gain of 622% since its founding in October 2006.

Early Life and Education

George Jiang is a rising senior at WHS who is enthusiastic about his studies and plans to attend Harvard after graduation.

He’s an avid comic book reader and cross country runner, currently enjoying The Walking Dead.

When not studying, he enjoys playing video games and swimming. Additionally, he appreciates heavy metal music.

In 1989, Jiang sided with conservative forces who ordered the military to suppress demonstrations on Tiananmen Square. He later dismissed an influential newspaper editor and supported the execution of three student protesters; furthermore, he suppressed Falun Gong spiritual sect – a controversial cult that had peacefully demonstrated outside his office – for their beliefs.

Professional Career

George Jiang is the founder of Greenwoods Asset Management, a Cayman Islands-registered investment firm that invests in Greater China equities. As an accomplished value investor, Jiang has established an impressive long-term success with his investment strategies.

Jiang is confident that despite China’s financial turmoil, he can manage volatility with an effective strategy. Since 2004, he has been investing in Chinese companies through Greenwoods Capital Management.

Jiang expressed his optimism in an interview with Bloomberg that China’s government has a sound growth plan and is carrying it out efficiently. According to him, his funds will outperform the overall market this year.

George is currently studying full-time for his MBA and Master of Finance at SAIF, a prestigious university in Shanghai where he has lived since his first term. George is passionate about his studies and plans to attend Harvard after graduating from Western Harbor High School.

Achievements and Honors

George Jiang, a Westborough High School sophomore, is an impressive student. He enjoys reading comic books and competing in cross country races with great passion.

He is passionate about his studies and plans to attend Harvard after graduation. Additionally, he hopes to pursue law school.

He has much to offer as a student, with mathematics being his favorite subject. He possesses an impressive amount of knowledge and enjoys learning new things daily.

Personal Life

George Jiang is an intrepid West High sophomore who enjoys reading comics and running cross country. Additionally, he studies hard with aspirations of attending Harvard after graduation.

Jiang recalls his trip to China as a third grade student, where he was deeply inspired by its culture and people. Additionally, he’s an avid fan of comic books and Star Wars with an extensive collection of them.

Jiang is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Greenwoods Asset Management, as well as a professor of finance at Washington State University. A value investor with an impressive track record, he’s co-author of the top rated textbook on investment management, plus has numerous publications to his name.

Net Worth

George Jiang is a professor in the Department of Finance and Management Science at Washington State University, as well as a founding partner of Greenwoods Asset Management – an investment management firm that specializes in Greater China equities.

George is a widely respected value investor with an impressive long-term record in China equities. A CFA Charterholder, George has extensive expertise across domestic and international capital markets.

He is best known for his role as Lan Shi-da in SETTV’s “Love, Now”. This role proved popular and led him to signing with Yang Deng-kui’s Polyland International Entertainment company.

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