George Kleanthis

George Kleanthis – A Reputable Real Estate Agent

George Kleanthis has been a well-known real estate agent for over three decades, having helped countless clients find their ideal homes and sell their properties. If you’re not satisfied with his services, then it may be wise to seek out another agent.

Professional Career

George Kleanthis is an ex-professional soccer player who spent most of his career with AEK. During that time, he made numerous appearances on the field and scored several goals. Additionally, he served as captain of the Greek national team from 1960-1964 and played a significant role in their success during that decade. When not playing soccer, George enjoyed spending time working on various business ventures; currently working as a restaurant owner in Cyprus.

Achievements and Honors

George Kleanthis has earned a number of honors and successes throughout his career. He was an active participant in professional organizations such as the Athens Bar Association and International Bar Association, and Martindale-Hubbell listed him as an experienced lawyer. A partner at Troutman Sanders law firm, George previously held senior executive roles at Anadys Pharmaceuticals before resigning as President and Chief Executive Officer in 2006. The company is currently searching for a new president.

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