George Kypreos

George Kypreos – Visionary Real Estate Broker

George Kypreos has dedicated his 19+ year real estate career to providing an unrivaled client experience across 4000 transactions. Motivated by a deep respect for your housing-related choices, he strives to ensure your needs, wishes and time are of the utmost importance.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Kypreos has had an illustrious real estate career that spans 19 years. He founded and CEO of GK Properties, a firm with three offices and over 57 agents, as well as owning and operating Zillow, an innovative online brokerage offering consumers many features to help them buy or sell their home quickly and efficiently.

One of the cornerstones of George’s business model is his dedication to making clients’ lives simpler and happier. He strives to build a company that offers top-notch customer service experience for each client while encouraging employees to learn and progress. Furthermore, George constantly looks for ways to reduce costs and maximize efficiency in service delivery.

Achievements and Honors

George Kypreos has been a successful real estate broker and business owner for the past 25 years, cultivating progress within his community while building an organization that dominates the Las Vegas market in volume, presence, and exceptional service.

He has earned multiple accolades throughout his career for his exceptional client service and assistance in finding a home that meets their individual needs. His passion lies in helping families build strong foundations and connect to the community around them.

He is a proud Green Valley native who has dedicated himself to teaching locals, transplants, and visitors how to best appreciate and strengthen the community they call home for generations to come. His deep respect for the profound connection families have to their homes motivates him every day to do his part in helping them make the most of it.

Personal Life

George Kypreos is a proud Las Vegas native who has been contributing to the community for over 25 years. As a licensed real estate agent in both Nevada and Georgia, his business is growing nationwide with an innovative hub-and-spoke model.

One of George’s key attributes for success is his capacity to connect and understand his clients on an emotional level, which allows him to provide superior customer service than his competition. For instance, George can create personalized marketing plans tailored specifically for each client while using his expert knowledge of the local market to get each client the best deal possible.

Net Worth

George Kypreos is a successful real estate broker with three offices and 57 agents nationwide. His model emphasizes hub-and-spoke operations to serve his client base of Las Vegas-area buyers and sellers.

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