George Marshall

George Marshall, CPA, is a Teacher at George School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

George Pa has leveraged his experiences as a CPA, trusted local elected official, husband, father and taxpayer to keep his campaign promise of always putting taxpayers first.

He has delivered on that promise by restoring Pennsylvania’s fiscal stability, while working to prioritize spending for essential services like education. Furthermore, he took the first steps necessary to make our state competitive in the national job market and promote economic growth.

Early Life and Education

When people consider education, they often think of classroom settings. However, education encompasses a much broader and more intricate process that occurs outside the classroom as well.

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) are the earliest years of life, when individuals learn about healthy living, social interaction, and what lies ahead for them in the future. This can take many forms: from day nurseries and nursery schools to preschools and kindergartens.

In the United States, ECEC sector was born out of multiple historical streams such as child protection, early education programs for special needs children and services to facilitate mothers’ labor force participation. While it remains largely private today, it has increasingly become integrated with other federal and state initiatives to address early childhood needs.

Professional Career

At George School, students are challenged to think creatively and challenge their preconceptions. The result is a community of scholars, athletes and artists who learn best by exploring complex issues and challenging their own beliefs.

George’s professional journey was illuminated by an unexpected networking opportunity. While on work study at Penn Medicine, he met photographer Martha Ledger who led to an exciting internship in their Public Affairs office.

From there, he went on to become Director of Communications in Penn Medicine’s development department and later Senior Director of Individual Gifts at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated curiosity, humility and empathy – traits which are essential qualities in any job – as well as having access to an inspiring workplace environment.

Achievements and Honors

George Pa was an influential politician who revolutionized Pennsylvania. As governor, he passed landmark legislation on economic development, civil rights, education for disabled children, mental health care reform and environmental protection.

He was a man of many talents and beloved to those who knew him. A quick speaker and extrovert, he always held the attention of any room he entered.

He made a lasting impact on the field of thoracic surgery through his contributions to medical education and research. As director of Allegheny General Hospital’s thoracic surgery residency program, he also wrote hundreds of scientific papers.

Personal Life

George Marshall was raised in a quiet and serious Pennsylvania town. As an avid history buff, his fascination for Fort Necessity–where George Washington had served during the French and Indian War–grew deep over time.

He enjoyed fishing and hunting. In the wintertime, his family would go fishing at Coal Lick Run behind their house on West Main Street in Uniontown.

He began working as a carpenter foreman in residential construction when he was older. Eventually, he sold his interest in roofing business and purchased a farm near Sigel, Pa. With help from his wife Edna and brothers Melvin and Bill, they moved to Mentor, Ohio in 1926 where he settled down with her to raise their four children.

Net Worth

According to Windfall’s analysis, the wealthiest Americans account for more than one-third of total US wealth. Each state’s top 1% is worth at least $1 million each.

Jimmy Rane will be the wealthiest man in Alabama by 2020 after building Great Southern Wood Preserving into a billion-dollar company with his brother. He and his wife reside in Auburn, the state’s wealthiest town.

The wealthiest people in America come in many forms. Some are heirs to multi-billion dollar fortunes, while others have made their money through business investments or real estate investments. George Pa falls into the latter category with an estimated net worth of $833 thousand dollars.

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