George Oil

George Oil

George was one of Canada’s top oilpatch executives and had a unique perspective on Canada’s volatile oil prices. As such, he is an expert on the industry’s long-term outlook and maintains strong connections with aboriginal groups and environmentalists.

Now, as chairman of Osum Oil Sands Corp and PennWest Petroleum Ltd, he takes a different view. He anticipates the current oil downturn to last four to eight years until oil prices reach levels which make offshore, oil sands, and other expensive sources economically viable again.

Early Life and Education

George was born to an enslaved mother and her white slave husband in Diamond, Missouri. At just a few weeks old, Confederate raiders invaded their farm and kidnapped both his parents – George’s mother and sister included.

Moses Carver eventually discovered him and nursed him back to health. He was raised on his farm until he was about 10 or 12 years old.

Carver and his wife Susan taught George how to read, assist with household tasks, take care of plants and make herbal medications.

Professional Career

George is an accomplished civil litigator with the ability to quickly comprehend his clients’ complex legal requirements. His diverse experience includes numerous jury and non-jury trials and appeals in areas such as insurance bad faith, product liability, antitrust, banking, oil & gas, complex probate litigation, domestic relations litigation, employment law and water law – just to name a few.

He loves traveling, reading and supporting his family in their various endeavors. As a proud father of two and loyal husband for many years, he has also dedicated his time to several charitable causes like serving on the Johnson Recent Alumni Council and supporting Carry the Load -a nonprofit which assists veterans, first responders and their families find homes after service.

Achievements and Honors

George Oil was a pioneer of hydraulic fracturing. His invention of drilling and fracking technology revolutionized the energy sector.

He was an innovator in ocean engineering, developing the semisubmersible floating offshore platform and applying it to numerous deepwater exploration projects.

George has achieved notable accomplishments throughout his 53 year career, such as discovering and developing new marine technology, leading joint industry efforts to address oceanographic challenges, and pioneering subsea drilling methods.

At Suncor, he took on one of Canada’s most challenging business challenges: turning an expansive Fort McMurray oil-mining operation into a socially and environmentally responsible firm that redirects dividends away from fossil fuel-based operations that contribute to global warming.

Personal Life

George Bush’s personal life was marked by his devotion to family and faith. In 1977, he wed Laura Welch and was an active member of the United Methodist Church for many years.

In his free time, he enjoyed science and art. A botanist by profession, he studied plants at Iowa State University.

He achieved fame as an acclaimed teacher and lecturer, being the first African-American to earn a master’s degree at Iowa State and teaching in their agricultural department.

After college, he began working as an employee of Dresser Industries and its subsidiaries. Subsequently, he cofounded Bush-Overbey Oil Development Company in Midland, Texas with John Overbey.

Net Worth

George Kaiser, the billionaire owner of Bank of Oklahoma and publicly traded LNG company Excelerate Energy, has seen his fortune increase by $1.2 billion this year. Additionally, he has donated more than $1 billion to the George Kaiser Family Foundation which fights childhood poverty.

He is also the owner of Argonaut Capital, a for-profit investment firm with assets worth $3.5 billion. The business invests in sectors like laser printing and clean energy technologies.

His net worth is estimated to be $9 billion, placing him as number eight on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people.

He has donated millions of dollars to the Houston Texans, Landry’s restaurant and hotel empire, Buffalo Bayou Park and other charitable causes. Additionally, he owns thirty used-car dealerships as well as ranchland.

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