George Parent

George Parent

George Parent is a third-generation farmer and proud owner of their family farm on Six Mile Road in Two Mile. In 2014, his brother Louis and neighbor Ronald Fowler came to an agreement to clean out barns on their property, sell off old equipment, and divide the proceeds.

Early Life and Education

George was born to Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington on February 22, 1732. His parents had married before he was born, leaving him two half-brothers from their first marriage.

George lived at Ferry Farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia as a boy; it had been his inheritance when his father passed away in 1743. At 11 years old, George moved in with his elder half-brother Lawrence who was fourteen years older than him.

He had tutors and attended a school near Fredericksburg run by an Anglican priest, although it wasn’t the same level of prep school his brothers had attended in England. Nonetheless, it proved sufficient for him to flourish academically.

At 16 years old, George began working as a surveyor – someone who uses various instruments to measure land and create maps so it can be bought or sold. This job proved essential for him throughout his life.

Professional Career

George Parent’s professional career was driven by an interest in people and their stories. He grew up in a family where community involvement was valued – his parents were both teachers and nurses who dedicated their careers to caring for others, especially during difficult times.

As a result, he developed an immense respect for the power of community. When selecting his college major, he was motivated to find a profession that would enable him to share other people’s stories and connect people with their environment.

Achievements and Honors

George has achieved and been recognized with numerous honors, including a Fulbright fellowship and John Hay Whitney Fellowship. Additionally, he received his doctorate in musical arts from Eastman School of Music.

Throughout his life, he maintained an active career and pursued his love of music and learning. In addition to playing trombone, he is an accomplished arranger.

He appeared in numerous films and television serials, as well as producing some. His dedication to the industry and affinity with its people helped him stay the course; eventually earning a diploma from Hollywood Film Institute for filmmaking.

Personal Life

George Parent is a passionate family man and enjoys spending time with his beloveds. He resides in Two Mile, British Columbia – a quiet community on the north shore.

He and his brother Louis are the third generation farmers of their family farm on Six Mile Road in Two Mile. In 2014 they decided to clear out their shared barn and sell off outdated equipment.

They had intended to divide the money between them, but George intervened and prevented them from doing so.

As a result, they had an intense rivalry which culminated in an attempt on his life in 2017. Ronald Fowler shot George three times, leaving him critically wounded.

Net Worth

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