George Putt

George Putt

George Howard Putt, a serial killer, terrorized Memphis for 29 days during the summer of 1969. During that time he murdered five people.

He was born to abusive, drifter parents in New Orleans, Louisiana and spent much of his adolescent years in juvenile correctional facilities around the Southeastern United States.

Early Life and Education

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In 1969, George Putt escaped from a Mississippi work farm with his wife Mary. Together they made their way to Memphis where Putt began an unsettling spree that would last months throughout the city.

Professional Career

George Putt was introduced to golf at an early age by his father, who imparted lessons on short game technique and gave him the chance to play alongside many renowned players at Columbia Edgewater CC.

He achieved fame as an amateur and eventually turned professional. Throughout his career, he participated in many tournaments and served on the Oregon Mid-Amateur Championship team for several years.

In August 1969, Putt launched a 29 day crime spree that devastated Memphis. Five people were tragically lost to his crimes – Christine Pickens and Roy and Bernadine Dumas among them.

Achievements and Honors

George Putt has earned a number of awards and honors, such as the American Association of Geographers Distinguished Achievement Award and Gilbert Grosvenor Geographic Education Honors.

He was also awarded the PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism for his 25 year tenure as editor-in-chief of GOLF Magazine and author of 20 golf books.

He was also found guilty of killing five Memphians within 29 days in 1969 and sentenced to 497 years. Now on his third parole opportunity, the Tennessee Probation and Parole Board has denied his request for release.

Personal Life

George Putt was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to two drifters who raised him with abuse and neglect. For most of his adolescence, George spent time in juvenile correctional facilities throughout the southeast.

After his parents were sent to prison, Putt and his siblings were sent to live with their grandparents in North Carolina before eventually being adopted into an orphanage in Richmond, Virginia.

In October 1968, he was arrested in Memphis for beating a woman. Upon being freed, he moved to Jackson, Mississippi and attempted to rape his mother-in-law three times.

Net Worth

George Putt has an estimated net worth of approximately $7 million. This wealth has been accumulated through his career on the PGA Tour, which began when he was still an amateur.

He began his career with an impressive 22 consecutive made cuts, as well as numerous endorsement deals.

He is currently engaged to Katherine Zhu and they hope to live together in Texas.

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