George Rainwater

George Rainwater – The One-Of-A-Kind Billionaire

On January 24, 1990, Joe Rainwater and his son George were tragically shot and killed while robbing Kevin’s house when Michael Denny attacked and murdered them.

Denny, his brother Michael and Russell Brown drove around Coweta County in a white van searching for a home to burglarize. They chose Kevin’s because it looked abandoned and was set back off the road.

Early Life and Education

Rainwater was born on December 9, 1917 in Idaho to Leo Jaspar Rainwater and Edna Eliza ne Teague.

His father worked in the family wholesale business and his mother sold boys’ clothing. He attended public schools and the University of Texas before attending Stanford Business School.

After his first marriage ended in divorce, he wed Darla Moore – who had made a fortune through bankruptcy financing. Together they formed Rainwater Inc. and began traveling the world.

Professional Career

George Rainwater has always had a keen interest in technology, science and engineering. As an honorary member of the National Academy of Sciences, his knowledge about recent advancements in various fields is second to none.

He is a dedicated family man and avid golfer. As founding partner of the esteemed Atlanta Golf Club, one of the premier private clubs worldwide, he enjoys an active lifestyle.

His professional career spanned 25 years, earning him a reputation for being an expert in weatherization, environmental consulting, water conservation and energy efficient home design. A certified LEED AP by certification, he has authored many industry defining papers and technical reports. However, what truly made this journey rewarding was being able to travel around the globe and experience all it had to offer.

Achievements and Honors

Rainwater was renowned for his uncanny ability to spot opportunities that would profit him financially. He had an uncanny knack for turning even small stakes in companies into enormous profits.

Rainwater had achieved great success, yet his personal life often got in the way of his work. His marriage was failing and he was fighting a rare disease. Despite these obstacles, Rainwater never stopped striving for excellence.

In April 2013, George was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, a degenerative brain disorder that leads to paralysis. To find a cure, he has spent millions on research and made numerous charitable donations while serving as mentor to young investors.

Personal Life

George Rainwater is a renowned dealmaker who built an empire using nothing but his brains. Now, he is funding an aggressive program to combat the illness that is wreaking havoc on his mind.

As a young man, George Rainwater worked in his family’s dry goods business and at J.C. Penney.

He earned a business degree from the University of Texas at Fort Worth and then attended Stanford Business School. Afterward, he went to work for Sid Bass – the eldest brother and fellow Stanford classmate – who went on to become his boss.

Rainwater was renowned for his creative, ambitious, and risky deals. Additionally, he displayed great generosity, giving away much of his wealth in the process.

Net Worth

Rainwater, a Fort Worth native, was raised in his family’s wholesale grocery store that sold dry goods to retail stores. After attending Stanford on a scholarship, he went on to work as the investment director for Bass Brothers Enterprises–a family with oil wealth–before returning home.

After working for sixteen years, he helped transform a $50 million Bass fortune in the oil industry into $4 billion. Additionally, he assisted Walt Disney Co. CEO Michael Eisner become a billionaire and encouraged George W. Bush to purchase stock in the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Rainwater served as a mentor to many of Wall Street’s most successful investors, such as David Bonderman and Eddie Lampert. Additionally, he and his wife Darla Moore built what is now America’s largest investor-owned hospital chain.

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