George Sampas

George Sampas

Sampas is a lawyer, writer and historian who served as Kerouac’s literary executor. He played an integral role in bringing Kerouac’s works back into public view.

He faced challenges from representatives of Kerouac’s blood descendants, such as Jan Kerouac and her nephew Paul Blake. Nevertheless, he persevered and eventually triumphed.

Early Life and Education

George Sampas had been a fan of Jack Kerouac since his days at the University of Texas in the 1940s, and thus had an interest in his work. As custodian of Kerouac’s literary legacy, it is an obligation that he fulfilled to the best of his ability.

He had an avid interest in science fiction genre. Additionally, he read voraciously and collected literature.

His many accomplishments included popularizing Kerouac’s name through print publishing. Additionally, he had an eye for auction marketing and collected many notable items including a 120 foot scroll of Kerouac’s classic novel On the Road which he managed to have printed on different mediums such as teletype paper.

Professional Career

Sampas earned an array of accolades throughout his professional career. He won two Grand Slam singles titles, reached the final of the Davis Cup and consistently ranked among tennis’ top 10 players for six years running.

He earned a reputation for being an intense competitor, winning 10 out of his 20 matches against ATP World Tour top-10 players. His best season came in 1998 when he held the world No. 1 ranking throughout the entire year and claimed eight singles titles.

He was the only player to win all three major tennis events simultaneously: Australian Open, US Open and Wimbledon. Additionally, he claimed two Grand Slam singles titles on clay courts in 1992 and 1995 – though this slow surface hindered his natural serve-and-volley style.

Achievements and Honors

George Sampas is an esteemed attorney at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions matters.

George is a member of the Mergers & Acquisitions Group and leads its aviation, North American energy, and natural resources practices. He has advised global leaders such as Alcan, BBA Aviation, Columbia Pipeline Group, Enbridge and Inco on some of their most high-profile and strategically important matters.

George has achieved and earned a range of accomplishments and honors throughout his career. In 2004, he was selected for the ITA Achievement Award and has received numerous other awards throughout its course.

Personal Life

George Sampas had a lifelong passion for sports. As an accomplished professional tennis player, he won several tournaments throughout his career.

He achieved an ATP record six consecutive years as world number one from 1993 to 1998 and boasts 64 top-level singles titles, two doubles triumphs, and was a member of the US Davis Cup team.

As a lawyer with Sullivan & Cromwell since 1991, George Sampas focused on mergers and acquisitions. His experience spans numerous companies across various industries.

Net Worth

George Sampas is a Partner in Sullivan and Cromwell’s Mergers and Acquisitions Group.

He is estimated to be worth between $25-34K.

The majority of his wealth stems from his work as a lawyer, having represented numerous companies in numerous mergers and acquisitions transactions.

He is also renowned for his defense of the Sampas family, whom he once joined forces with on Litkicks.

After Jack Kerouac died in 1959, the Sampas family acquired his estate. Their care took Jack Kerouac’s name to new heights and cemented him as a literary giant.

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